30 May 2014

Weird phrases and words are taking over the fashion industry. They're trending just like the "sports tee", t-shirts with a number on the back or front. Mostly with a word, name of a designer, a city or another word.

An awesome clutch is a must for the people who are living the night life. You gotta put your stuff somewhere, especially when you're wearing a dress or skirt without pockets. Clutches are it! If you're wearing a casual outfit, with basic colors you can use a statement clutch to fix it up. I've found some really cool clutches on the net. What's your fav?

Restaurant experiences

27 May 2014

I’m not a food blogger, hotspots blogger or anything. So I don't know if I could write such a post like this. But let me just share my thoughts about this one. Last time I was in The Hague with the family of my boyfriend, just hanging there. We were searching for a place to eat dinner. We were walking by a “fast food chinese restaurant”. It’s at China Town in The Hague. It really looked like I was in China again, even though I was just here in The Netherlands.

Well,  the first thing the menu was just so ghetto. There was an open kitchen in front of the pay desk, and on the wall there were papers with a number and the name of the dish. They were taped on the wall and on each other. You could see that some of them were so nasty and that they almost melted because of the steam from the kitchen. I don’t know how to describe it but it looked so disgusting. To be honest, I didn’t wanted to eat here when I saw those ghetto things on the walls. I also don’t know if they were legit, because look at this description of this restaurant. I can’t even call it a restaurant, it’s more like a room full of nasty stuff.

When we finally ordered, we wanted to pick a seat. We were with 6 persons, and you just have to look at the table. You could see that every chair was different, there were even plastic chairs for your garden. I mean, who came up with this “design”. Real chinese people, I guess. Maybe they wanted to create a real ghetto chinese sphere in here. I didn't even toke some pictures, and I also don't want to make this post a negative post or that the restaurant will be taken down or something because of this post. So I won't put the name here. 

This post will be really long if I keep going haha. Later the food came, and I ordered a "Nasi Singapore". It's a pretty spicy dish with a lot of curry powder. Well, that's what I normally get when I order this dish. This dish was far away from that. It didn't smell like the normal dish, but it was something else. I also didn't taste anything at all. I asked the waitress to add more curry powder for like four times, she came back and forth but everytime she came back from the kitchen she said that the chef couldn't add more. The last time that she came back, and I said that it still wasn't good at all. I could see that she was stressed out because of me, so she was pretty mad at me. She said that the chef had enough and that this was the last time that she would help me. I was like: "Really, my parents had a restaurant with the same dish so I really know how this dish really taste." I don't ever want to come back to that restaurant. That was the last and first time, and I don't recommend the restaurant. Even though the price is so low, you get what you pay for food!

Denim dresses

26 May 2014

Everyone knows what denim is, you got the jeans, shorts, skirts, bags, dresses and there are more! Denim looks great on anyone, it's a classic and a never ending trend. Since it's almost summer, you gotta have atleast one denim dress in your closet. Here are some lovely denim dresses that I adore.

How to wear: Pretty in pink

24 May 2014

In the beginning of the year, a lot of fashion magazine's said that pink will be the color of this summer. There were a lot of items on the catwalk with pink: Balmain, Alexander Wang, and Isabel marant. The question is, how do you wear the color pink? Pink is girly and cute! In my previous blogpost: "How to wear: Pastel perfect". I also created some outfits with pretty pink, but a whole post with pink is better huh?

I also got a new extra thing on my posts. When you hover on the + sign, you can see from what shop the item is and when you click on it. You go to the website to see the item itself, so you can buy it if you're interested.

Socks in sandals are the new upcoming trend this year. It can look pretty cute when you match the socks and the shoes right, just like this outfit that I created. The socks with the ruffles is a cute extra to your outfit.

The right word for this outfit is: "Feminine", the cute flower headband is a festival must. 
I don't see the flower headband on the streets often, actually never. It's a really big statement that you're creating with the big flowers.

If you don't want to wear a lot of accessories in the summer, because they're annoying or the color will change. You can pick a simple outfit with a cute graphic top and a skater skirt.
You can always wear eye catching, sunglasses instead of accessories like: bracelets, rings or 

Little extras, like little necklaces look always great with soft colors. I should always use light colors as bags: pink, white, grey or beige. If you choose black, the sun will heat it up and you'll feel like dying because it will burn your hand. Just a little tip, especially when the material is leather.

Leather backpack

21 May 2014

I'm so happy! This backpack just came in, I was forever searching for the perfect leather school backpack. A lot of leather backpacks were too small, not black or too expensive. I found this one and I fell in love, I had to order it. I thought it was also a bit expensive, but it's worth it! 

This backpack has a woven texture in it. I used this technique also last year for my outfit in a schoolproject. I think the woven texture is really unique and it looks great with the silver zippers. The bag has a lot of detail on it and it has different pockets.

It's a men's backpack, because I bought it from a men clothing site. Oh, the site is really awesome and it has a lot of good stuff on it. But the shipping is pretty expensive. The bag is also pretty heavy, it's weighing 1,500g. I hope I can handle the weight of it with my stuff in it, or I have to order another backpack. I hope it's not the case! 

I got this backpack from


12 May 2014

It's raining so much in lately, it seems like it's fall in The Netherlands. No one likes rain in spring, so you don't have to wear dark colors like the weather. Go for pastel, and make your day brighter. Pastel is always coming back every year, so it's always good to invest in some pastel goodies. See for yourself what pastel color looks best on you.


Pastels are so sweet, they're like candy. I love the colors, but I don't have a lot in my closet to be honest. Oh, it's just so lovely to make sets with things I don't even have haha. I really like the pastel colors, they're bright and really cute. I love the girly outfits, but I don't know if I can pull them off actually. What do you think?


Does the word "dark pastel" actually exist? Because pastels are bright and cute! But you can also create a "dark look" with pastels. You can create such a outfit with dark colors like dark green, black or dark blue. There are many other ways to style your "Dark pastel" outfit. 

What do you like better, cute pastel or dark pastel?

Just another outfit

8 May 2014


I love ebay so much, it's so addicting and everything is so cheap. I recently got some goodies in from it, just like this blouse that I got. The blouse has two patterns in it, the sleeves is dark blue denim. First I thought it was black denim or leather. It looked like it on the picture on ebay. It doesn't look that bad. I love the red plaid on it.

The tank top that i'm wearing is from a Dutch fashion webshop, it's also a platform for fashion lovers and bloggers. On the tank top there's a label with "LA sisters" on it. I paired it with my favorite jeans from H&M that I got in sale for just 8 euro's. Wearing it with my lovely, and damaged stud creepers.

I also wore my new eagle claw bracelet, i'm loving it. I wrote a whole post about it. Just click here.

Zipper bracelet

Zippers are everywhere! There are skirts, shorts, tee's, sweat pants and so much more with zipper details. There are just too many, and it's like a never ending trend. So I thought that this zipper looking bracelet was just so cool and original. There are a lot zipper items, but this one is unique. It isn't a normal zipper, it's a zipper looking bracelet! There are three different colors for this bracelet: bronze, black or silver.

This bracelet is made from alloy, that's a mix of metal and some other products. I was slightly dissapointed because the bracelet was broken, you can see where the damage is. So I don´t think it´s from a really good material or it´s just the shipping... bad, bad shipping. Even though the package was good. They were wrapped in bubble wrap. I don´t know why or how. I also tried to fix it, but then it just fell again. I'm getting another bracelet, so I will do a review on this one again! Maybe with another color. I'll keep you updated.

 Wanna have this zipper bracelet? Get it for just $2,67 click here and use my coupon code for 10% off: JUNT10.

Eagle claw

7 May 2014

I love getting packages, whatever it is. It's fun to open it and try it on for the first time. This time I also got a lot of new items to review! 

The first thing that i'm gonna review is this cool claw bracelet, I fell instantly in love with this bracelet. It looked so good on the webshop, but it's prettier in real! You can pick two colors: gold or silver. I got the silver one, nowadays i'm wearing more silver than ever. First I was a gold freak, and now a silver one! 

It's pretty hard to try this bracelet on, you can open and close both sides. Even if you put it on like that it's still hard because, you need another person. You can't just open and close it, because the bracelet is "strong". It will easily go back, it sounds pretty weird but you'll understand when you see it haha. You can also just put it on from your fingers and then put it on your arm, it will hurt a little bit because your palm is bigger than the bracelet it self.

This is the back and the inside of the bracelet, here's where the magic happens! You can see that you can open and close the bracelet, the only thing that I think is pretty weird is the little silver wire on the bracelet.

More detailed pictures can you find here below.

Wanna have this eagle claw bracelet? Get it for just $5,22 click here and use my coupon code for 10% off: JUNT10.

Coming soon: Zipper bracelet

A little peek into my life 4

6 May 2014

A lot of cool things happend during my holiday! The first thing was going to Amsterdam with my lovely boyfriend Michael. Oh, it was a mess during the trip we had to take the bus and the train. I was stressed out because we couldn't make the pancake boat because the bus was too late for the train. We were planning to go to the pancake boat after we arrived in Amsterdam. We still did do the pancake boat trip thingy, instead lunch we ate dinner. It was all you can eat anyways. 

Some pictures of the view in Amsterdam!

The inside of the boat. It looked pretty old and it gave you a vintage feeling, there was a lot of wood in there. The waiter was really sweet, we also gave her a polaroid picture of herself. She was so happy with it!

Michael is so cute haha.

Selfie time on the end of the road.

The boat on the outside!

Since I was in Amsterdam, I just couldn't take some pictures of the station, it was taken by my phone camera. But, hey I forgot to take my camera with me. They still look great though.

I also chilled with a good friend of mine Tamara, I haven't seen her in a year or so. It was a lot of fun and my legs were dying because I walked too much. I should train them or something.. or maybe not.

The last day of my holiday, me and Michael bought two gerbils! They look so adorable, and they're so cute. We call them Ying & Yang because they're black and white, and they're so soft. I bought too many stuff for them, and they will arrive tomorrow at Michael's house. We also bought a bigger cage for them so they can play and such!

I also received some packages after I came back home, stay tuned because I will post reviews soon!

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