19 December 2012

Hi my loves,

I'm never really talking about lifestyle, or it's just me posting my super interesting days in pictures or stuff. But i'm getting serious now. There is lately a lot of ''train issues'' when i'm on my way to school, or when i'm done with school and i'm going back to home. Like, there are a lot of people who's jumping in front of the train... The suicide numbers are getting higher and higher, I also saw some news posts coming up in my social media that more people are trying to suicide themselfs. I don't really like to talk about this topic, but it's important because there are a lot of teenagers and adults who are thinking to do it because of their problems. There are results of scientists who did research of this topic and everything. They say that, the people who survived their suicide: that the reasons why they did it could have solve it.


I think that a lot of us, as teenagers have some times that they think of suicide. I ain't a sciensist or psychologist or something, and I don't want to hurt anybody with this post. I'm just trying to give my own opinion on this topic and let you guys think about this because in the general are people thinking  about commiting suicide. There are different groups of people in this section. People who think about it doing it, and want to do it. And people who actually tried, and some succeed and some fail. There are also different reasons why people want to commit suicide:

  1. They are depressed. Some people who are really depressed may lead to the conclusion that it's better for themselfs but also for others, if they didn't exist anymore. 
  2. They are psychotic. That means that there are voices in their head who instruct them to do things. 
  3. They do it on impulse. Suicide may occur suddenly, because someone thinks it's necessary. This happends in people who are under the influence of something to make those decisions
  4. It's a cry for help. Sometimes are people actually screaming for help, they are able to let people that it's going really wrong with them.
  5. They have a philosophical need to step out of life. There are people who aren't crazy in their heads, but that they don't want to life anymore. Because they are done with it. For example that they are really done with it, because they had a nice life behind them and they think it's great for now. They don't want to live till the end.
  6. Accidental suicides. When teenagers are playing (sex) games, it can end really sadly in a unitentional suicide. So be carefull with what you do!
There are a lot of posts on Tumblr that are showing up on my dashboard about teenagers that commited suicide or thinking about doing it. I think it's really sad when i'm reading all of this. And it really makes me sad, because those young people still have a whole life to build in the future. It's really sad that those young people are giving up their life. Mostly because they were bullied on the internet, school or work. Words CAN hurt you. Some people think it's stupid because words are just words. But some people don't know how much it hurts until it happens. Some little words can hurt you so badly when you are really sad. They don't have a way out, they have to live with pain of loss. They have no easy way out. They have to suffer with all those words that they get and read.

Some people say that suicide is a selfish decision. I’ve heard this a few times from some people. “Suicide is the most selfish thing you can do. It always comes from non-suicidal people. They mostly say the same things. Like: ''Why are you even thinking about it.'' ''Why are you being so emo'' or things like ''You are just doing this on purpose'', ''You only want attention'', ''You are so fake, if you want to die just do it.''. Some of those hurts so bad because people will fall more deeper than they did before. Some of those words are true. It depends on the situation and the reasons why they are thinking of suicide. Thinking of commit suicide is I guess, the worst thing that you can do to yourself. Keeping yourself away from happiness, and the people you love, or loved. The people who you have to leave have to live with the pain of you dieing. The pain of not knowing why sometimes, of not noticing the signs, of maybe brushing off a plea for help.

I think that you can't judge people if you don't really know them and their situation. But some people are still doing it, without knowing that they are hurting them. Life is really sad and all that. But there are actually a lot of solutions in life, and there are always people that who is willing to help you. Sometimes you have to face it, and watch yourself in the mirror  that you are worth life. That you are here for a reason, the reason that you was born and alive. That you can walk, talk, smell, write, and read. That you can see, the nature, sun, light, snow, rain and everything. Those little things that you don't even notice when you are alive are actually really great. I may sound pathetic but it's really true. Look how the world is, you have to leave all those millions of people. Those people who saw you alive, buying a couple of drinks, reading you in the library, biking on your way to school and kind of stuff like that... Dont think that you are here just to fill space or to be a background character in someone-else's movie.

Consider this: nothing would be the same if you did not exist. Every place you have ever been and everyone you have ever spoken to would be different without you. We are all connected, and we are all affected by the decisions and even the extence of those around us. 

You will find the little light in the darkness, when you bike in a deep dark boss and you only see a little light ahead. The time will come. You are beautiful. S

Lots of love,
Rui Jun

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