29 October 2014

Two weeks ago I went to this gaming event in Utrecht (Jaarbeurs), I posted a really huge post about it. If you haven't seen it yet, just check it out here. I also created a video yays! After that it rained like hell, it was so heavy, I even bought a umbrella because of that. We went to KFC for a second and then went further in the city. We saw this really cute restaurant by the water. You can just see the restaurant from "above". It turned out to be a pancake restaurant. The restaurant is called: "Pannekoeken restaurant de oude muntkelder". This is translated in English: "Pancake restaurant The old coinbasement". I think that's what the place used to be. 

We were with 6 people, and they didn't had a table with 6 chairs so we just putted the on one table. Michael wanted to sit outside by the water, so we did. When the waiter came she said that we couldn't sit like this because it would block the path for customers. I thought she was being so rude. I mean, we didn't invented this kind of set-up for the restaurant. So we had to create one. All tables had 4 chairs. And the inside of the restaurant was filled with people. Pretty stupid. 

This is what the menu looks like. It's a simple A3 format plastic menu. The price is really high, you pay 10 euros for a pancake with a little topping on it. I thought that was ridiculous. I ordered a French onion soup just to try. And a baguette with garlic butter. Michael and his friends ordered some beer, they have a special beer card with different kinds of beer. I think they all smell disgusting.

This is how the garlic bread and garlic butter looks like. There is also another sauce called "Tapenade" I didn't taste that because it looks really nasty. I think this looks pretty cute. 

While enjoying the food I enjoyed this view, there were many boats passing by. You could also join one sightseeing boat. In the picture underneath you can see people getting in and getting out.

This is how the soup looks like when it's served. French onion soup. It looks pretty, but I didn't really liked the soup. It's better with some baguette than without to be honest. There was a "big" thing that looked like meat and tasted awful. The name of the onion soup was: "French onion soup topped with grilled cheese". I didn't even tasted the grilled cheese. I couldn't ate all.

Yep, I really didn't liked it..

I told you that it rained before we came to this restaurant. And we sat outside, there was this parasol at our table but it didn't really function. It was just in the way, we couldn't sit really "around" the table because of that parasol. There was even a hole in it, so now and then some water from the rain fell down.

We decided not to stay and eat dinner at this restaurant because it was so overpriced. When we wanted to pay the bill, we couldn't split it up. We had to pay all at once and figure out who pays what. I happen to see that on the menu, it was underneath all the food. When I wanted to pay the bill, the girl told me to take the receipt with me. I thought they would have a second one, but they didn't. It's pretty weird because they didn't even write the total amount down for themselfs. This restaurant has such a weird system.

I wouldn't go to this restaurant for dinner because it's really overpriced. It's nice for a little drink and the view but that's it.




If you want to visit this restaurant here's their information.

I hope you enjoyed my first "HOT SPOT" review, I will post more reviews about restaurants. 


27 October 2014

If you're new on my blog, click on the website "EBAY - $8.99" for example. You will be redirected to the site. This works the same on other shops in my "LOOK A LIKES FROM EBAY" posts.

I'm a big fan of Ebay, and I can't guarentee that the items will look exactly like the picture. I'm not a seller or something and I don't sponsor Ebay or the sellers on Ebay. I just want to share these great items with you guys.

In case you missed my previous posts about LOOK A LIKES FROM EBAY.



23 October 2014

On saturday October 11th, I went to a gaming convention in The Netherlands Utrecht. Called: "First Look". This was my first convention I went to and my first gaming convention. I didn't know what to expect. I already uploaded a video on my YouTube channel so you can have a view how it looked like and what I saw. 

I woke up too early to do my make-up and decide what to wear so I didn't had time to eat breakfast. I bought some croissants and a drink. The train trip was 2 hours, I was so tired I just wanted to sleep haha.

When we finally arrived in Utrecht we ate some "lunch" before we went to the convention itself. Ofcourse we had to eat at KFC, I mean I was with my boyfriend Michael and his friends. I was actually relieved when we ate there. I was so full you couldn't imagine.

The place where the convention was, was filled with people. The row was so long, we waited for a hour to get in. There was a huge row from outside to inside. Some people even tried to jump in front of me, like what.

Look at the entrance. There are little meme drawings on there haha.

At the MSI booth, you can play a shooting game called: CS:GO. Also known as Counter Strike Global Offensive. I also play this game actually haha. 8 players will play "Death match" and you can also play with a pro girl CS:GO player. I didn't know her, but her name was "Gina". And if you had a higher score than her or if you had the higher score (if she didn't played) you can win a MSI T-shirt.

First we thought you could win a MSI Gaming laptop because MSI told us that on their Facebook. Pretty weird that it turned out liked this. It thought it was pretty chaotic on the booth because everyone wanted to join and play. If you went there with friends you think that you would join as a group but it's not. It wasn't really good organized in my opinion. But the lighting was good on the booth. I took pretty good pictures there unlike some other booths.

Michael's little brother joining.

Me playing Sims 4 because I was waiting, and my feet was tired as hell. I also bruised my feet pretty badly. I walked and walked on my platform boots and there were so many people. Some were so rude and bumped into me, and then looked at me awkwardly and walked away.

Michael asked for a signature of Gina on his shirt that he won.

You could also play games on laptops, but all of these games were already out. So I didn't know why they put it on there. Maybe if people were bored you could play these games to burn time? 

They also showed some mother boards and video cards on tables. Maybe a bit risky because people drank and ate infront of the table.

There was also this huge rat, you could "win" some prizes. And next to it you could take some pictures with a huge red dragon that's also on the logo of MSI. The dragon looked pretty cute. I didn't take a picture on there because here was also a huge crowd. There was so two girls I think they're called "booth babes" in ropes. Pretty weird. Must be eye candy for these thirsty boys.

I also played a game on this computer, not Watch Dogs but a Nazi game or something. I forgot the name. I have the most pictures from this booth because almost everyone wanted to play CS:GO and win something I guess. I heard that people were really bad, and probably trying the game for the first time.

Watch dog!

Ubisoft booth. I figured I didn't take a lot of pictures, I have more video material than pictures. This is the only picture I got haha. Sorry for that! :( You could play Assassin Creed, Assasin Rogue, Far Cry 4.. I'm so hyped for Far Cry 4 to come out, even though I still haven't finished Far Cry 3. 

You could only play these games on console, there were no computers or laptops.

Some random pictures of a booth where you can buy T-shirts from games, or goodies. I loved the lighting and it was so crowded. I'm so little! :( People even walked "underneath" my camera because they didn't want to ruin my picture/video. I thought it was pretty funny. I even had my arms up so high like I wanted to grab a apple from a tree. Short life problems haha.

Just a random picture while waiting.

Bethesda booth where you could play "The evil within" I heard about it, and I thought it looked pretty awesome. And it's out now, people were saying that the game sucked and stuff. I don't know, I still want to try it out, maybe?

PS4 booth. Again so much people. The guy in the green vest stared mad at my camera. I don't think he wanted to be in the video. But whatever, there were camera's, YouTubers and vloggers everywhere. I didn't noticed anyone I knew.

I didn't played any games here, because I don't like console games haha. I can't play those.

Game Kings booth.

Awesome designs!

Turtle beach mainstage. There was nothing when I came here. The stage looked cool just like the set-up and the lights.

The food and drinks were so expensive. On the website from "First look" they even told us there were affordable food and drinks. Um not really. If they think that 3 euro's for a drink is "affordable" they are so wrong. There were just too little tables and chairs. Some people even sat in a corner and on the floor to eat or chill. Pretty bad.

Nintendo DS booth!

You could also play some "indie games", games that aren't that popular you can try out. The lighting was so bad here. I couldn't record here because it was too dark. The only thing you could see were pixels. It wasn't that crowded here, the indie game booth was in a corner far away. I don't think a lot of people knew there was a place like this because it was so dark out here.

This was the ASUS booth, there were a lot of people sitting here. I didn't know what was happening here. It turned out that there were in total 10 people playing under the big screen. 5vs5. They were playing a race game, I don't like race games that much. I just can't drive on games haha.

Clothing booth.

Here you could play a basketball game, there weren't a lot of people here. It was pretty much dead as you can see.

On the left side of the "death booth" you could pre order some stuff. You could also find some game goodies in displays.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOOOOOTH. They got all the oldschool consoles. Like whaaaaat and the colors look so cool! First I didn't even notice this booth. The colors changes, you can check it on the video.

Dutch Comic Con booth. Comic goodies you could buy.

I thought they looked pretty cool. But look at the security guard checking the camera lens hahaha.

And this man is looking at that booty. Sorry I can't.

I thought the "hall" where I waited in the row for First Look looked really pretty. After the convention I went here and sat for a moment and took some pictures. The green light changes into other colors. It was really pretty.


After all these pictures and maybe if you've already seen my video you know what the convention looks like. Honestly I don't know how to rate a convention but I will try my best. Now I will tell you in general what I think about this convention. You know that this is the first convention ever I went to. So I didn't know what to expect, but I was really excited. I thought it would be bigger. I know that "Saturday" sold out but I didn't know how many tickets there were. 

The food was too expensive, they didn't gave us the right information. They told us on the website that the food and drinks were affordable. On the website they also said that there were no food and drinks allowed, they didn't checked our bags. I think it's safer that they would check our bags first before we went in. 

The lighting was different on every booth, some have good lighting maybe too light. The booths on the indie games were too little. I couldn't take normal pictures and I couldn't film! I don't think that there was any airconditioning there. There were so many people and it was so crowded everywhere, people were sweaty and stuff and tired of waiting. There were just too many consoles and big rows everywhere. Not everyone could play the game they wanted to play. Also, there was no place to sit down and relax a little. Everything was filled with rows and crowds everywhere. I couldn't even sit. 

It wasn't really well organized, you didn't know where the row started and what was going on. Some booths started to give away things like bags, and it was all gone before you knew it. I didn't really get anything at the convention. No goodies and I didn't bought anything. Everything was just too expensive and I wasn't really interested. It looked cool and all but I just didn't want it. You could buy tons of stuff there if you wanted to. I saw people with so many stuff in their bags, I didn't know if they bought it or if they got it as a "gift" from the booths. 

There wasn't a lot of staff of the convention itself like: "First Look" staff or something, more staff from the booths like MSI, Ubisoft and others. I don't know if it's supposed to be like that. I also haven't seen a lot of security guards. I think there has to be more. You never know what will happen, even though it's a gaming convention. I thought that this convention would be bigger and cooler. It looked really cool on some pictures and the games that you could play, but I just played two games on the whole day and that's it. I didn't wanted to play console games because I don't like those, and I only play games on the computer. I really wanted to try Far Cry 4 out, but it wasn't for me. So that was really dissapointing. I expected cooler things and a better organized event. There wasn't much to see, to be honest! You may think: "Oh wow, she's saying that and she doesn't know anything about games" and blah blah. Well, you may think that but this is my experience and I want to tell you what I think about this convention. 


Rating is 1 to 5 stars.

Here's the video of First Look 2014 if you haven't seen it yet.

Soon I will update you guys with a new update of "A little peek into my life" Yays. I will also review a restaurant I visited. Stay tuned and I'm really sorry I didn't post last week. I just needed a little break.

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