29 October 2014

Two weeks ago I went to this gaming event in Utrecht (Jaarbeurs), I posted a really huge post about it. If you haven't seen it yet, just check it out here. I also created a video yays! After that it rained like hell, it was so heavy, I even bought a umbrella because of that. We went to KFC for a second and then went further in the city. We saw this really cute restaurant by the water. You can just see the restaurant from "above". It turned out to be a pancake restaurant. The restaurant is called: "Pannekoeken restaurant de oude muntkelder". This is translated in English: "Pancake restaurant The old coinbasement". I think that's what the place used to be. 

We were with 6 people, and they didn't had a table with 6 chairs so we just putted the on one table. Michael wanted to sit outside by the water, so we did. When the waiter came she said that we couldn't sit like this because it would block the path for customers. I thought she was being so rude. I mean, we didn't invented this kind of set-up for the restaurant. So we had to create one. All tables had 4 chairs. And the inside of the restaurant was filled with people. Pretty stupid. 

This is what the menu looks like. It's a simple A3 format plastic menu. The price is really high, you pay 10 euros for a pancake with a little topping on it. I thought that was ridiculous. I ordered a French onion soup just to try. And a baguette with garlic butter. Michael and his friends ordered some beer, they have a special beer card with different kinds of beer. I think they all smell disgusting.

This is how the garlic bread and garlic butter looks like. There is also another sauce called "Tapenade" I didn't taste that because it looks really nasty. I think this looks pretty cute. 

While enjoying the food I enjoyed this view, there were many boats passing by. You could also join one sightseeing boat. In the picture underneath you can see people getting in and getting out.

This is how the soup looks like when it's served. French onion soup. It looks pretty, but I didn't really liked the soup. It's better with some baguette than without to be honest. There was a "big" thing that looked like meat and tasted awful. The name of the onion soup was: "French onion soup topped with grilled cheese". I didn't even tasted the grilled cheese. I couldn't ate all.

Yep, I really didn't liked it..

I told you that it rained before we came to this restaurant. And we sat outside, there was this parasol at our table but it didn't really function. It was just in the way, we couldn't sit really "around" the table because of that parasol. There was even a hole in it, so now and then some water from the rain fell down.

We decided not to stay and eat dinner at this restaurant because it was so overpriced. When we wanted to pay the bill, we couldn't split it up. We had to pay all at once and figure out who pays what. I happen to see that on the menu, it was underneath all the food. When I wanted to pay the bill, the girl told me to take the receipt with me. I thought they would have a second one, but they didn't. It's pretty weird because they didn't even write the total amount down for themselfs. This restaurant has such a weird system.

I wouldn't go to this restaurant for dinner because it's really overpriced. It's nice for a little drink and the view but that's it.




If you want to visit this restaurant here's their information.

I hope you enjoyed my first "HOT SPOT" review, I will post more reviews about restaurants. 

Brittany Ting said...

this made me hungry haha. <3


Krista Clor said...

Oohh seems like you guys are not satisfied with the restaurant. Bad food + bad staff service are some of the things I hate in restaurants.

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