1 November 2014

Let's talk about the month October! November started and October is done for 2014!

This month I also went to Germany to the restaurant we always go to. I finally took a picture before I ate it all. This is really the best. And I really like the fries and the meat, but the bacon is just too much. There's also too much pepper and salt on it.

Michael also ordered some icecream, this was so cold. I know that Ice cream is supossed to be cold, but this was just too much!

I was so happy when these booties came in! They are gorgerous, I still haven't got the time to shoot with these beauties. I think I will this month! No doubt.

I've mentioned this a lot the past month that I went to First Look (Gaming convention in Utrecht The Netherlands) haha. Here's the link of the post + video! But look at this delicious bucket. I honestly loved how this KFC looked like. The lights were really cute at the windows.

So many people!

This week I also posted about a hotspot called "De oude muntkelder" here's the link if you've missed it. I really didn't like the restaurant at all. The view was nice and all, but that's it. After that we went to a sushi restaurant called "Sumo" in Utrecht. It was really dark in there, so I couldn't take a lot of pictures. I also thought that it looked pretty weird if I used flash in a restaurant haha.

The interior looked so good and everything was so pretty! There were real blossom tree's in there. And in the middle there was a huge one.

Last week I went to the vietnamese restaurant with Michael. He catched a cold, and I also felt a little sick. So we both ordered Phở, I really love this dish. It reminds me of my dad because he always made this for me. I like my dad version of Phở more than this one to be honest haha.

I ate the whole bowl because I was so hungry. When I came home from my internship, Michael decided to go out to eat instead to cook home. I had to take the bus again and walk to the restaurant, oh I was really hungry!

Last week I also had to go to "home". I had to take a 2 hour trip, because of school. I needed to do a presentation to the "first years". I don't know if that's a word. After that I had to take a picture for my I.D card (identification card). Because mine is almost expired, too bad that my mom can't pick it up when it's done. It's also a little frustrating because it's a lot of money (50 euros) and it will get expired after 3 months if I don't pick it up. I still have my internship, so I have to figure it out when I will pick my I.D card.

Well, after that I went with my mom to "Hema". It's a pretty big store, where you can buy things for your home, school supplies, clothes, food, and much more! There's also a restaurant. It's like Ikea but not THAT  big. And they don't sell beds, or furniture I think. They got bread, pancakes, pie and some drinks. So there's not a lot to choose from. I got a burger. I couldn't ate it all, but it tasted good.. Oh, i'm getting hungry while i'm writing this. I still haven't got my breakfast.

Sometimes I really want to create something. I just have this need to create something haha, or it's just like having a creative boost in my mind? I don't know. But I created a really cute choker with lace, roses and spikes.

Friday, on Halloween. I finally got my package from Dresslink.com. I will review this soon on another post, and with a video (I think haha) I still have to edit and film everything. I also tried it on, so I know!

I also bleached my hair on Halloween. There are no parties going on here, well not that I know of. Because I don't know a lot of people here. I only bleached my lower part of my hair. It's almost like my hair 2 years ago. I got ombre hair. I still have some pictures!

This is the result, it's kind of light brown. 

I will also review these lenses! I wanted to do a Halloween tutorial and some make-up but, I failed. The black lenses hurted my eyes so bad.. ;(

Let's end this post and month with a beautiful picture of the sky and Maya! :) I took the first picture on the bus on my way home. It's getting so dark so fast, I can't take good outfit pictures when it's this dark. I only use daylight, so I only take outfit pictures on the weekends. 

Her eye is better now!

And look at this little sneak peak of my new outfit post! Maya also wanted to be on the picture hehe.

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