1 July 2013

Hi my loves,

Let's start this blogpost with: PINEAPPLES EVERYWHERE... I mean, it's the hottest and newest trend at summer '13. I've spotted them on YouTube video's, blogs and webshops like: Asos and Urban Outfitters. You can find pineapple prints on tops, swimwear, dresses and also phonecases! You can be crazy for an all-over print or casual with one pineapple on a top.

I didn't post a Sunday Outfit Inspiration yesterday, because I thought it would be awesome if I put a trend and outfit inspiration in one. I styled a few outfits with pineapples with different styles.


You probably think why should this crazy blogger use such a weird title for this outfit. It's pretty simple, if you think that trends are so not you. You can give it a chance. This oversized white tee with a pineapple on it is easy to wear and style, you can use the colors like the pineapple in your other clothes and/or accessories. 

this pineapple tee is sold out. 



When I saw this adorable bikini, I was dying for it. I mean, look at it! It's so cute that you want it right? I paired this bikini with big orange statement sunnies, if you don't like orange you can also choose a yellow or black one. And if you're planning to go to the beach you need a beachbag! This bag from LALĂ™ has enough space for your beach goodies! 

Oh... wait, there's more pineapple beach wear going on! If you don't like to show your belly on the beach, you can also choose for a swim suit. The design is pretty vintage, I think about the 80's. Those cut-outs swim wear are also really trendy this year.



This pineapple tee from Wildfox is ready to use. You can style it with a lot of lovely things, this tee has a old looking thing on it. It's maybe the color of the shirt. I styled it only with black items, so the shirt will pop out because it has soft colours in it.



If you like to match your outfit with your phonecases, you can just go for it! These days you can find phonecases in a lot of different types and colors. I think it's also an fashion accessory nowadays. Victoria Secret PINK has this adorable phonecase in their line. It's from a soft and stretchy rubber material. 

Neon is cool to wear, it's also one of the biggest trends this summer 13' so if you use more trends in one outfit, you go for it fashionista!



This seemingly traditional piece by Sophie Hulme takes an unexpected turn for SS13. The sheer back panel adds a luxe finish to a structured, somewhat androgynous design while an embroidered pineapple keeps it playfully chic.

The pineapple besides the blouse is the pineapple on the top.



If H&M is not following a trend, it's not a trend. The high street fashion label is a big impact for a lot of fashion lovers, the price is nice and the items are lovely. H&M also has a pineapple in their new collection, so this trend is really serious. This top is oversized and has deep armholes. It's nice if you wear it over your  beachwear, I matched it with a soft orange colour.



Are you an urban fashion lover just like me? Then this outfit is totally for you! The urban menswear brand 10Deep has lovely tropical prints in their summer '13 collection. Palmtrees, florals, plants and a lot of pineapples! There are a lot of items with pineapple prints on it. 

When I styled this set, I saw those cute pineapple tights.. I really need them! They're too cute. This outfit is an unisex outfit, if you're a boy you can dig the tights or if you're a girl and you think that the tights are too much you can also forget them.


As you can see the pineapple print is loved by a lot of brands and people! From luxury brands to high street fashion labels. What do you think about this pineapple trend, do you love it or hate it? Let me know.

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