7 October 2013

Hi my loves!

It's been a really long, long time since I've been crafty and all. But last week I had some time and I made a skater skirt. I toke some pictures and it turned out to a new DIY for you guys. So here it is, this toke me a few hours.. because of the fabric. If you're using fake leather (PU leather) it will stick a bit on the machine. Mine is not the best, so there are some little issues on my skirt excuse me for that. Please don't mind my grammar and crappy English in this tutorial. Ah, well.. let's get started!



Take your fabric and fold this one in 2. 

Take your skater skirt and put it on the fabric. You have to put your skirt on the part where the fabric was fold. Pin the white part of the skirt. Remember that you don't pin your skirt with it, only the fabric. You have to be careful, don't pin yourself!

Take your measure tape and add 1.5 or 2 centimeters next your skirt and pin this. Do this from the bottom to the top. I recommend 1.5 centimeters. You have to add this extra fabric into this because you will lose some fabric when you're sewing the skirt together. 

Take your measure tape and add 2 centimeters on the waistband , don't forget to pin!

This is not a step! If you take your skirt away, you have this pattern. You don't have to take the skirt away. Only if you want to make sure if you're doing it right!

With a line. So you can see the pattern better. 

The part with stripes are the parts where you added extra fabric. The part without stripes is gonna be your skirt. 

Yes, you really need a flexible measure tape. You need to measure this exactly or it won't fit your skirt. If you have to measure it from the beginning to the end. 

If you have size 34 (EU size) you can just pick this from me! The length of  the waistband is 32 centimeters. You always have to add 2 centimeters32+2 = 34 cm. The length of the waistband is 3 centimeters, you have to add 3 so it would be a double side. And you have to add 2 centimeters with it so you can sew it all together. That's 3+3+2= 8 centimetersThe width is for all sizes.

The end result for size 34(EU): Length= 34 centimeters 
Width= 8 centimeters

Put the waistband next to your skirt just like the picture. And add the length and width on the fabric. Put pins on the fabric.

Cut the skirt and waistband from the fabric and take the pins out of the fabric. Now you have two parts of the skirt. The skirt and the waistband.

Fold the waistband in two. If you chose an hard fabric just like me, i'm using fake leather (PU leather). You have to sew the ends together, use pins to hold them together.  

Now it's time to pin the waistband and skirt together. First you have to fold the top of the skirt down for 2 centimeters. After that you have to put the waistband on the part where you fold it. Use pins to hold them together.

Sew the ends of the skirts (left and right) together. You first have to sew from the "back" from the fabric. The part where you don't see your pattern or the "right" part of your fabric. You have to start sewing from the bottom to the top. But remember: if you don't have a stretchy fabric just like me, you need to use a zipper. So you don't have to sew it all together. You need to have to sew to the half of the skirt. It depends on what length your zipper is to be honest.

Now you need to sew the zipper on the back. You just have to fold the the right and left side of the skirt to the inside. And you need to pin the zipper and the fabric so it would stay together. Sew this.

Now you're done with your self made skarter skirt/circle skirt.

Tell me what you think! 

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