Monday 16 april 2012 - Spring!

16 April 2012

Hi my loves,

Oh, what a horrible day. Today was the first examn ever in my whole life, first; I was riding on my bike on my way to school. And then suddenly I couldn't go further with my pedals, so I decide to move the pedals backwards but then my chains were seperately. Then I tried to run with my bike back to home. (yes, everyone stared at me but who cares) I dumped my bike and I took another one. And today I had to do my table presentation so I got a plastic bag full of sports stuff. (that was the theme) So the bag was suddenly broken, I guess because I drove too fast. What a shame, all my stuff was all over the street... Well, ofcourse my backpack (picture) was too little to put all the stuff into that. I had a lot of things in my hands... and later on, I lost the keys of my bike. What a wonderful begin of the day huh? And yeah I got my keys back on the way back to my house, that was really a relief! But after all this stuff, I hope I did a good job on the first examn.

Outfit information:
Shirt with vampire sleeves and zipper on the back €16,99 - ZARA
Pants with a zipper €30 - H&M
Scarf €3 (SUPERSALE) - H&M
Belt €1,50 - Primark
Backpack €12 - Primark
Jordans Flight €130
Obey cap €30
01 Bracelets set gold €3 - Primark
02 Black Bracelets €3 - This is it
03 Black Bracelet with a diamond €It was a gift :)

Total: €229,49

Jup, you don't have to spend a lot of money to look good. :)

Lots of love,
Rui Jun

Sunday 15 april 2012 - Exams

15 April 2012

Hi my loves,

This was my outfit of yesterday, I didn't upload it because I was busy with learning of my examns for tomorrow. It was a casual look. And the look-a-like Lita's is a eye-catcher, I love them! But I've just worn it twice I know.. it's a shame haha. I got it 6 months ago I guess, but there was a lot of snow here so I didn't worn any heels in the winter. Because I was afraid to fall, so yeah. Wish me luck for tomorrow! ;)

Outfit information:
Shirt €5 (SUPERSALE) - Scooter
Jeans legging €20 - Pieces
Necklace €1 (Supersale) - Kijkshop
Bracelet €5,95 - H&M
Heels €47,50? -
Total: €79,45

You don't have to spend a lot of money to look good. :)

Lots of love,
Rui Jun

Hi my loves,

11 April 2012

This is my first post on this blog, let me first introduce myself! I'm Rui Jun Luong, sixteen years old, loving fashion, love to be creative, reading, writing, design and a lot more! What you can expect on my blog are: reviews, outfits, fashion news, hauls, trends, and more things what I like. I'm excited to blog again, because I started a few years ago with blogging but it became boring to me after a few weeks. And now i'm starting again because everybody said that I have to start a blog. Okay just kidding, not everybody just a few people. So here am I now, after editing for a few hours is my blog finally done! I hope you'll enjoy my blog and don't get bored of me.

Lots of love,
Rui Jun

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