Monday 16 april 2012 - Spring!

16 April 2012

Hi my loves,

Oh, what a horrible day. Today was the first examn ever in my whole life, first; I was riding on my bike on my way to school. And then suddenly I couldn't go further with my pedals, so I decide to move the pedals backwards but then my chains were seperately. Then I tried to run with my bike back to home. (yes, everyone stared at me but who cares) I dumped my bike and I took another one. And today I had to do my table presentation so I got a plastic bag full of sports stuff. (that was the theme) So the bag was suddenly broken, I guess because I drove too fast. What a shame, all my stuff was all over the street... Well, ofcourse my backpack (picture) was too little to put all the stuff into that. I had a lot of things in my hands... and later on, I lost the keys of my bike. What a wonderful begin of the day huh? And yeah I got my keys back on the way back to my house, that was really a relief! But after all this stuff, I hope I did a good job on the first examn.

Outfit information:
Shirt with vampire sleeves and zipper on the back €16,99 - ZARA
Pants with a zipper €30 - H&M
Scarf €3 (SUPERSALE) - H&M
Belt €1,50 - Primark
Backpack €12 - Primark
Jordans Flight €130
Obey cap €30
01 Bracelets set gold €3 - Primark
02 Black Bracelets €3 - This is it
03 Black Bracelet with a diamond €It was a gift :)

Total: €229,49

Jup, you don't have to spend a lot of money to look good. :)

Lots of love,
Rui Jun

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