11 July 2014

Yesterday I was at Douglas to buy a new perfume for my aunt. The ladies there were so nice to me, as always. So after we talked for while, they gave me some testers from Annayake, it's make-up and fragrance brand originally from Japan. So I decided to give them a try.

This is what they look like

The left one is a make-up remover. The middle one is a foaming cleanser. And the right one is a exfoliator. Each of them only contain about 3 ml of product. Which is a normal amount for testers.
The products are for sensitive (and preferably dry) skin. And since I have combined skin the results might be different.

So let’s see. I’ll start with the make-up remover. Normally I use make-up wipes to remove my eyemake-up and a cleansing gel for my skin. When I opened the little package it didn’t leak or something. It had quite a thick consistency. Which Is something I wouldn’t choose. But that’s just my taste. Then I’ve spread it over a cotton disc and started to remove my make-up. The first thing I noticed was the oil left on my face. It was like a moisturizer. And it didn’t remove my make-up properly. But on the other hand, I was wearing Benefit they’re real mascara, Benefit pushup liner, Lollitint and Anastasia perfect brow pencil. Which, as some of you might know, are hard to remove. But it did remove alot of my foundation. The smell was neutral and it left my face quite soft, because of the oils.

Do I recommend this product? No, unless you use a tiny bit of make-up. Otherwise it won’t remove your eyemake-up and eyebrowmake-up properly.

Would I buy it ? NO.

Ratings: 1,5 stars out of 5

The second product was a foaming cleanser. It was less thicker than the make-up remover. And it had a pearly colour. First thing I noticed was the smell, which wasn’t nice. It was a very strong cardboard/paper smell. But not everything that stinks is poo right ? So I started massaging this into my face and it foamed a bit, but not much. So I rinsed it of with a facecloth, and as soon as the damp cloth touched my face the cleanser started to foam like a maniac. So you have to use a lot of water ! After the rinsing, my face was so clean ! and it hadn’t remove the oils from the make-up remover.
Do I recommend this product ? Well, if you have dry skin, I would recommend it. And if you don’t mind the smell.

Would I buy it ? That’s a bit of a tricky question, since it not for my skin type, but if I had dry skin, I’d probably buy it. It leaves your face very clean.
Ratings : 3 starts out of 5

The third product was a exfoliator. If you have oily skin, you can exfoliate twice  a week. If you have dry and sensitive skin, I recommend to exfoliate once a week, or maybe less. Use a gentle exfoliator for your face. Try to avoid body scrubs, because your facial skin is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your body. Back to the product. It’s a very gentle exfoliator, with a less cardboardy smell. I had to moisturize after using this, because the oils were almost rinsed of. But it was okay. It’s just a regular exfoliator.

Do I recommend this product? There are a lot of product that do the same job, for a smaller price. But if you don’t mind the price… you can try it I guess.

Would I buy it? No it’s too expensive.

Ratings: 2,5 stars out of 5

These product are available at Douglas. The retail price of the make-up remover is €35,95 and the other two product cost around €40,95.


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