BUDGETSHOPPING: How to look fashionable with a low budget - tips and tricks from Rui Jun Luong

9 January 2013

Hi my loves,

My name of my blog is ''fuck highclass'' like you know. The actual meaning behind my blog name isn't clear because I never explained it in one of my posts, so I'll it explain for you. I think that the name already say a lot about my blog. I always wanted to make a post about this, because this is what I do! My motto is: ''You can look fashionable without spending tons of money, and fashion is for everyone.'' And with the name as: ''Fuck high class'' I'll represent: forget the designer brands and those luxury's. Money ain't everything. You can look fine, with a low budget.'' A lot of people think that you have to be rich to look good. But that isn't true... and like you see... i'm right aren't I? And no, i'm not bitching about the people who CAN actually effort those luxury brands. It's nice to have those, i'm not gonna lie! But let's be realistic. The average girls who reads those fashion blogs, and buy those fashion magazine's aren't celeberity's. They don't have that much to spend, and everyone wants to look good! A lot of things they recommend in those magazines are very expensive, and it's logic that we as 16 year girls can't effort those €700,- boots or €400,- bags or anything like that. I can know because i'm one of them, and I know that some woman have money but they are afraid to spend so much on one item or anything like that. And, yes I know I also put some really expensive items in my ''what to wear'' or other posts. But it's not wrong to have those luxery items, ofcourse not! I'm not saying that. If you have the money for it, then go your way and spend that money! And sometimes you have to buy some expensive stuff because, you deserve it. Or you just need to get rid of that money - because it's an reward for your hard work. It's your money after all. 

A lot of people ask me how I spend not a lot of money but still look good with a low budget. I have a few tips and tricks, and I'll explain some things what I do. There are also other ways to do it but I'll explain how you do it on MY way. When I have my own clothes on pictures what I wear... they are mostly under the €50... like.. the whole look. Sometimes... mostly. Some people also say that they doesn't want to buy those ''cheap'' clothes or items because the quality is bad. It's not always right that expensive items are from better quality because they can break too. It depends on the material that's used on the item that you got. You don't have to follow my steps or anything, but i'm just saying and I think that a lot of girls can relate to me. But I personally think it's really handy, when you have a low budget. And you don't have to be poor when you buy ''cheap clothes'' or something like that. Everyone have their own opinion on it, and that will never change.

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How do I start?

I don't have really ''rules'' to shop when I shop for a low budget. (I mostly shop with a low budget, i'm like a real budget shopper haha!) I always ask myself first when I like an item in a shop: ''Do I really need it?''. I know, it's such a basic rule... you read this everywhere in magazines, blogs, yeah... this is also a blog so yeah I can say it! But I think that you guys think like: ''Oh, those rules don't really help'' or stuff like that. But you have to 'fight' with yourself... Imagine this: when really like an item for like €50 - and you have €100 for the whole month. And you know what feeling it is... you are totally in love with it. But you have to get over it, and let the item go. Because look what you can do with that €50, maybe is it just another item in your closet. Ask yourself so many questions that relate with that item that you want to buy. It's maybe stupid, or boring but it's really good for you and yourself. Because when you learn this on a young age you'll get better in this and you'll have awesome items with a good price. Not only for clothes, accessoires, or shoes but also furniture, and other things that you can buy. Don't always go with the full price, there will always be sale! But you can also choose for the simple way: Just buy it, but why are you reading this when you want to shop with a low budget? If you want that item, think about it for a week (if it's a new collection, because you'll pay for the full price most of the time). It's always your own choice. The simple and expensive way, or the cheap and good-for-yourself-so-you-can-spend-more-and-have-more-items-for-less-way. So... what would you choose haha!

But, if you want to shop with a low budget... Just don't go to choose expensive shops, you have to avoid them. Ignore it, if you'll go to it you'll definitely like those kind of items and you'll fall for them. Expensive, is for everyone different ofcourse. But if you want to do it like me: ignore everything with a brand. Just think: brands are overrated, you just pay for the brand and a little bit for the quality.

I only buy brands if:

  • It's worth the money.
  • I can match it with my other clothes or items I already have
  • I'll wear/use it a lot.

And there are a lot of budget shops and just normal shops with normal prices. I put some shops on budget shops, and some in normale shops. But they don't have the same pricerange, everything is a lil different the most thing that I do is: search for cheaper. Cheaper is better. Sale is everything. And remember: if you want to shop in expensive shops, go for the sale. And like I said: Sale is everything, so also go to the budget shops when they have sale. Just go through every shop, you'll never know what to expect. It's like the same as when you go to thrift shops. You'll never know what to get, so if you are handy at sale's you can also go though the thriftshops. It's cheap and fun, just wash it for like 3 times and here you go: a whole ''new'' item in your garderobe! It's just a real surprise when you'll go to a thriftshop. It's even better than sale, because you almost NEVER have the same items. The most items are unique! So you'll never wear the same as the average people these days.


How do I shop?

Some people think it's hard to budgetshop, but you'll get it fast when you practise. Yup, practising with budgetshopping... It sounds really weird, but it works. You'll get better and better when you do it a lot. I always did on budgetshopping. I think I was always kinda like this. Sale is like heaven, those lovely big pricetags with low prices and those big posters on the shopping windows with 70% off or something like that. It feels really great when you shop, you have to know that. But it's even better when you come back home with a lot of bags with so much new and cheap stuff!

When i'm going to shop (like big shopping), I first check if there is sale. Most of the time there is! The best seasons to shop is at the end of a season and the begin of a new season. Because they have new collections! The old clothes from the past season are done, fashion is going so fast. Everyone knows that. People like to follow some hypes and some like to start some, and some people don't really like to follow the hype. Everyone has their own taste. When I shop I never really buy things above €20 on one item (clothes). It's very rare when I buy something above €20. So, when you want to shop with a low budget you have to think about a maximum price. You can't buy something above that price, or you have a super good reason to do that. You have to ask yourself some questions like: it's the last-best-item in your size, do you really need that, how are you gonna match that? Will you ever wear that, when will you wear that, is it really worth it, and check the price! How much sale is it on that item, and how much was it before? Answer all those questions and decide if you really, really want that item.

After thinking about the maximumprize, go start shopping! Search for those items you really adore, just look at every rack! Don't miss anything, also: look at the mens department. And if you are a man, you can also shop at the womans department, it really doesn't matter... clothes are still clothes right?! They mostly have those lovely graphic tee's, or lovely sweaters, cardigans or  something like that. If you have small size, you can also check at the kids department. If you start shopping, first look at the sale! And if you know when the shops have sale, go on the first day. I think it's logic because when you go on the first day, you'll see the whole sale. If I finally found some items, the most items I choose are from the price range €0 to €10. I know it sounds so crazy, but I really make it hard for myself. Sometimes I also regret a lot, that I didn't bought that lovely item... but you have to deal with it. You can learn from this, and if I really have so much regret that I didn't bought that item. I'll buy that item! And yes, you have to be fast it's gone before you know it. If you want to budget shop, you also have to need a little crafty mind. Because you can make a lot on your own. Don't think that simple, if you see a T-shirt with a picture on it. You can also make that same T-shirt there are a lot of DIY's spread all over the internet.

What to do with my 'old garderobe'?

I explained how I shop with a low budget, you should always think a lot about what you buy. And to make a fashionable cheap garderobe you should take some big steps. You should get rid of your 'old clothes' to clean your garderobe a little bit and make some space for new ones. First: pick the old clothes from your garderobe what you don't wear anymore. Old, ugly, broken, bad buys... you should pick all of them. You can do whatever you want with those. Just don't throw them away, if you want to be crafty you can make a lot with those fabric just recycle it! If you are lazy, you can have a clothes trade party with your friends. They do the same as you, and you know: everyone have another taste so you and your friends could trade them. Or you could sell them on a sell-site, or a thrift shop. And you also get some money! Or, be nice and give them away to a charity they really need them. But some thrift shops also work with some charity's. 

I hope that you enjoyed reading my post, and that you learned some from me. If you still have some questions - or if some things aren't clear enough just ask me things! And comment here down below at ''comments''. I will answer your question(s) fast as possible. Maybe I'll make a part two of budgetshopping! :) Oh, and if this helped you or not I want to know. Thanks for reading my loves. Good luck with budgetshopping, remember all those tips and tricks I gave you. Go for that awesome cheap garderobe and hunt for those hot, awesome sale items.

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Anna said...

Great tips! I like the questions that you listed that help determine if you should buy something! Great post! ^___^b

Novarinna Tan said...

I agree with u , I love Big Sale !

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Chezka Cenon Li said...

That's a nice thought! I don't really like it when how good you dress depends on the brands you wear, I only by branded stuff I can justify by wearing a lot :)


Brenda Lu said...

great tips <3
thank you!


Shabna said...

Amazing post! I always shop on a budget, I've just always been a bargain hunter haha! lovely blog by the way!

shabna x x

Unknown said...

I also hate spending unnecessary money. I buy most stuff on sale, and if I ever pay a lot for something it's always for something I'll get a LOT of use out of or something I need badly for an occasion.

Nice post!


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Great tips. And your blog is amazing.

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Ellen Grace said...

Lovely post, it's so nice to hear about the meaning behind your blog name it really is a great and unique concept, great tips as well! following :)



Karen said...

I agree with everything you said! I definitely don't buy things just because of the brand, that is just such brand whoring! I do however buy something that is branded if they quality is amazing and it is in a nice style :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for tips!

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Unknown said...

nice tips, I love to be creative around old and unwanted clothing too - even donating is still better than simply discard them like a piece of trash :)
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You're awesome^-^ I love your posts!!! Can't wait to read more :3

Peet said...

I'm a cheap bi*** myself.:) I only buy stuff if it's discounted or on eBay - I'm not paying a small fortune on a pair of pants, no way.

Fashion by Elena said...

I´m following you!

Carla said...

i totally agree with you! i'm always shopping on a budget but I still get to buy really awesome products... it takes some practice, yes.. but i'm used to it haha..

xo, Carla

Carla said...

i totally agree with you! i'm always shopping on a budget but I still get to buy really awesome products... it takes some practice, yes.. but i'm used to it haha..

xo, Carla

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now following!oh im so glad i bumped into your blog! such great content --- this is what blogging is all about! :)

Tali @ RockMyHeels said...

Great advice, especially as I now a bit low on budget:) I'm getting hooked on ebay for cheaper prices as a temporary solution.

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great post!


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it is very important to prefer Low Budget Fashion

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This is a very helpful post - everyone wants to be stylish without breaking the bank. Cool stuff!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

This is such a helpful post! Totally agree that you don't need to have the most money in the world to be fashionable! :) xxx

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