Looking back to 2012

1 January 2013

Hi my loves,

2012 is almost over, and it's been a busy year. Many things in my life changed, happend, and I've experienced a lot. I also met a lot of new people, some stayed and some were suddenly gone. It was a fun year. My fashion transformation has also changed a little. I just discovered that I got my blog since 11 april. Before my blog I posted my outfit of the day on Facebook, later I putted a album that's called ''Rui Jun's look book 2012'' and since then my fashionsense is growing and growing more. First I toke my pictures with my blackberry in the mirror before I went to school, or when I came back from school. It was an easy way to share my outfits on Facebook, but I had to put my close-ups in seperately pictures. And that sucked a lot.

Here are some outfits which I took with my Blackberry and shared it directly with Facebook.

It was also much easier to wear heels, I only had to bike to school. Because my school was like 15 minutes away from my home. But it's now a lot harder, because I have to bike, take the train and then the bus... and: I have to carry my laptop with me. My back is almost dying because of that, I think I have a too heavy laptop haha. But I hate mini-laptops, so I got no choice. I hope I will get used of it... I still have 3.5 years to go.  Anyway, I wore a lot of accessoires back then. Like to make every outfit of me complete with so many accessoires, I think it was way too much now. But I was addicted, haha. I always get addicted of something in a way, in a short time. I know, it sounds weird... I hope that someone else has the same thing, or something as me so I won't be the only one! I wore a lot of rings, belts, bracelets and chains. I thought it looks cool when it was matched with eachother, or totally not matched. I think that my thoughts are the same, but less. I was like: more is better. And yes I still think that accessoires can make your outfit, but also shoes. I totally love them.

Here is a picture of the WHOLE transformation if you are too lazy to read all my bunch of bullshit about my fashion transformation thingy of 2012 haha!

Oh, wow that's a big picture in here. ;) Well after my blackberry daily outfit posts, I was getting to start to take pictures with my timer... and laptop! I love timers, without timers, I wasn't here... or nah, jokes. I would  have figured something else right haha. The quality of my laptop was so crappy, but I thought nevermind.. when I got my camera (I was saving some money) everything will be alright. This was a good practise for posing for the camera. It was a fun experience. I still remember when I had like 3 seconds, I had to be ready  for posing infront of the camera. Luckily I could see myself posing. And I NEVER had my face in those pictures because I never knew how to pose... I always hated to take pictures, hmh.. not hated but I didn't liked to be in it I guess. I heard from my niece that I always scratched with a pen the faces of people on pictures away when I was younger. I was a real bad kid right.. lol.

I was always afraid to show myself, but I don't really know why. I was always the shy girl back then, I still am. Sometimes. It always depends on when, where, and what. I think that everyone has those ''shy'' times, or when they are afraid, or anything like that. Because I believe that everyone has a heart and a mind and a soul, and you just have to find that place... where people ''touch'' you in that special place. I also believe that everyone can be nice, and sweet. There somewhere. But enough, I always go off-topic when I blog. I can talk about everything and nothing. But it doesn't matter right? This is my blog, and I can say whatever want to say, because this is my opinion and perspective in life and things. I don't even know who are reading this, but okay. It doesn't really matter anyway. You'll like it and you'll read it, or you'll read it and hate it and go away and never come back to my precious blog. Yeah.....

Well. Let's change the subject back to my fashion transformation and looking back in 2012. I knew when I was shopping with a friend of mine, Gabrielle. We went to Primark in Zaandam, and I was taking some pictures with my Blackberry. (Ugh, crappy quality) But anyway, I was taking those awesome pictures for my blog. And then suddenly a security guard was coming to me and he was like: OH YOU. YOU CAN'T TAKE THOSE PICTURES HERE. And then, he was looking ON MY SCREEN. Ugh, I didn't even had some privacy. He was WATCHING on my screen, because he wanted to make sure that I deleted every single picture in the Primark. I even asked if I could ''save'' those pictures with Gabrielle, but I couldn't. I wanted to throw a brick in his face... but I didn't. My shopping-mood was soooo over that day. I hated that security guy so much. I can still remember. So girls if you want to take some pictures in the Primark be sure that those employees won't be infront of you or something like that. Those b*tches will snitch you. Excuse my language.

With Gabrielle, and some random pictures from that day.
(Mweh, my face expression lol.)

Being lazy in the train.

Spotting this fashionable guy in Amsterdam, I was like: OH MY GOD, I HAVE TO PHOTOGRAPH HIM.
Bad, bad, bad quality. :'( 

I have a lot of ''adventures'' at the Primark... I got another story to tell you! When I was with Nena, another friend of mine. Dah, ofcourse why I should shop with my friends right haha. We were too lazy too wait for the changing rooms there, because the rows were too long. Those people who are shopping there are mostly so b*tchy to you. I hate it. So we were searching for a mirror, and we were changing our clothes there. And suddenly those people were taking ours. And a employee there were saying that ''there'' was one ''free'', but when we came there another employee were saying that you can't change your clothes here. Like what? ... We are not stealing it anyway haha. But we didn't care so we were still changing our clothes and trying to fit with the items. Or something like that. Mind fuck things! And you guys also have to watch CLEARLY when you are going to pay, and when the cashier is packing your bag with your new stuff. Because when I went to home, the cashier forgot a pair of bracelets to put in my bag... and yes I payed for it. I saw it on my check! So you have to focus on the cashiers. They are so busy with their work and they are stressing..... They can always forget somethings, so you'll never know.

With Nena, and our hot glasses from Claire's.

My sense of style hasn't change I guess. It's still chic and fun at the same time. I love colours, prints, and everything. I love to combinate different items with eachother. I also have some highlights to share with you guys. I graduated this year! I wore a lot of prints, and I hated dresses.....  So I didn't bought a dress for my graduation. I also found some pictures on my ''old'' school website from the graduation lol!

Fashionable on the red carpet with my brother haha!
Happy moments.... yes.

After my graduation I had a lot of spare time, and I loved it. I could do whatever I wanted. So I hung a lot out with my friends. I was really happy because it was summer, wearing those hotpants and croptops. I really miss it when I look back. Haha, but summer will come back soon right?

With Sabrina.

Another highlight was in the end of the summer. I still remembered how I came up with the idea to go to Amsterdam for the big event of Grazia. I was on my way to home I guess, and I was bored in the car. We stopped for a while to tank the car, and I bought the Dutch Grazia magazine. I was reading, and reading. And then I suddenly saw that advertisement of the celebration of the 5th birthday of the Dutch Grazia! I was asking my best friend Dennis to come with me, because he also loves fashion like me. 

Look Dennis modelling.
The end of Grazia's PC Catwalk at Amsterdam.

Me, secretly walking on the runway.

Like a real model HAHA JOKES... see everyone is watching at me lol.

This event was a really nice experience for me, when I was walking there people were watching like I was a real celeb or something. But I wasn't, haha i'm just another girl who loves fashion and loves to share her idea's and stuff. If you want to read some more things about this event and want to see more pictures...
Click on this link: http://fuckhighclass.blogspot.nl/search/label/grazia I would love to do this all over again! 

After this event I finally got my camera, it's not the best of the best but I got one. Finally. And I toke a lot of pictures with it, I still do. And I didn't fixed my scratch on my lens, i'm so lazy.. mweh. I'm searching for a new one, soo everything will be alright.. right? First I was taking pictures with a chair, my camera, clothes, and myself. And don't forget the timer, wow I love that. :)

Here are some pictures that I toke with a timer of my camera and a chair haha.
 I really love this shot, but I hated that you could see a little bit of my chair ugh... sometimes you have to try hunderd of times to get the right shots. So keep on trying! 

And, here are just some random pictures of my outfit that I really like from 2012.

My brother, me and my dad.

I also asked my friends to take some pictures and video's of me, and help me. Because sometimes you need some help right? You can't always do things on your own. Everyone wants to help you. :)

 My best friend Hatice toke all those lovely pictures. :)

My other bestfriend Gabrielle, which I mentioned before also toke some lovely pictures.

But I still had my timer, ironing board... yes my ironing board. I putted boxes on it and putted my camera on it. So I would have the perfect side to make pictures like this. I thought it was a awesome idea, and i'm still doing it! If you don't have money, or want to spare some money. It's a easy way and a handy way! I always move all those furniture and set things ready. Make my room a little lighter or darker and take some awesome pictures. With myself. First was it a little bit weird, but it was also a lot of fun. So I toke a lot of different poses, but now i'm getting more used to it. Like those other manners haha.

The time went fast, and I didn't even thought it would be this fast. It's already 2013. I really enjoyed newyears eve, and everything. I will post it later in this month. Stay tuned, and i'm going to shop tomorrow at Zaandam with Tamara! I didn't shopped for REAL, in a long long time. Only little things that I bought So I really deserve this right? And, nope, I also didn't celebrated christmas so i'm gonna treat myself well with some really good stuff. Well, I hope i'll find some goodies hehe. 

Happy new year, have a good health, eat well, love fashion, earn money and spend money haha! Just joking, make the best of it my loves. And I really hope I'll get more views on my blog, and being a good blogger. I don't know if I am but, i'm just doing my thing and I totally love it! Good night, morning, afternoon, what ever the time is! At least, 

yona l said...

Whew, that was a lot of digest but I had so much fun reading your fashion transformation. It was interesting how the snap shots angle and quality changed overtime as well as your fashion sense. It's truly amazing to see how passion can motivate and change you (:

I hope you had a wonderful 2012 and continue to evolve your fashion style this year as of 2013!!

Happy New Year.

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