25 March 2016

A-line skirts are so cute! I really like them, they are becoming really trendy right now. I also like the button up skirts. I think they will also look adorable with this outfit. This outfit is pretty simple, because of the black colors I picked. The skirt and the bag are two things I added to make this outfit look cute. Ofcourse, you can also add some cute accessoires to the outfit for example: a bold lip or nailpolish color.

I think it will look amazing together! Or a purple dark lip. It's up to you, to make this oufit yours! The fluffy vest from Monki keeps you warm, or you could even add a cute scarf to it.

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24 March 2016

Jackets and coats are one of my favorite things to wear. If I buy a cool jacket or coat, I would wear the shit out of them! I think good and cool jackets and coats are an essential to your warderobe. When it's cold, it's the first thing you see! So that's really important.

The first jacket for this wishlist is this adorable white trench coat. I love the style of the coat. It's short in the front, and long in the bag. It makes your outfit really classy!


The denim jacket. Everyone should have one. They look great with every outfit, and they are so easy to wear.

I'm in love with this jacket. I think it looks soo cool, because you can wear it in different ways.

Since spring is coming, I think this is the perfect one to have. They have it in black and white!

Jacket, or blouse? I don't know. It was on the jacket and coats collection. I do wear blouses as "jackets" tho. I think they gives it a little touch. I like the black one more than the camo. Camo isn't my style anymore. I actually sold my camo blouse! 

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23 March 2016

Who doesn´t loves a cute outfit? I would feel really feminine, wearing this cute outfit. I love the shoes! If you don't like the black color, they also have it in white. This outfit is so classy, and so cute! The blouse is my favorite item, and a really cute statement piece. It has these cute so-called bat wings. The blouse also have these cute gold little details on the collar.

For a little more touch, you can add the gold necklace. I would also recommend wearing some cute earrings or rings!

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22 March 2016

Mother's day is coming up! I know.. it's still a long way to go, but hey. If you want to order from Asia, you need to order really fast. I got really handy, and cute stuff at the same time in one list for you next mom's day gift.

Aren't these the cutest? They have different ones! It also have a lot of good feedback from other people, you can check it on the "Customer Reviews" if you scroll down. They even have pictures aswell.

2. Bag handle holder

This is so innovative, and really handy! If I go shopping, those plastic bags really hurt my hands. The bags are so heavy and my hands will get all red. The blood won't flow that well anymore, since it's kind of stuck. You can put two bags on one handle, they are only $2.06 so you can buy some more at once.

3. Suction hooks

Unfortunately, you can't pick the color but they are so handy! I think they look really cute aswell. I keep put my hairdryer and my hair styling items always together. If you don't use one, you can put one on the hooks which is soooo cool! It's easy, simple and so handy.

4. Sanitary Napkins Pads bag

Oh hell yea! I got one of those aswell. They are so handy if you get your period. You won't see that ugly neon-ish color of the pads.

5. Mobile navigation holder

It can be handy, or totally not.. Because your phone can get in the way, which is dangerous! Maybe you can find another place for it.

6. Mini sewing machine

This is perfect for on vacation, when something broke. You can also put it in your bag. Almost every woman carries a bag with her, so 

7. Egg White Separator

The perfect tool if you want to serperate 

8. Washing Filter Devices Drain Stopper

If you have an asian mom like me, I would definitely buy this for her! It's soo handy, nothing will spill out of the bowl.

9. Bottle dispenser

This looks so cool! I think it's great for juices, and healthy drinks. For example, water with fruit.

10. Garlic Press Device

This is the last one of this list. It's a garlic press device, which is great if you don't have a lot of time. I think if you buy a lot of those tools, it would take a lot of space in your kitchen.

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21 March 2016

If you're new on my blog, click on the website "EBAY - $8.99" for example. You will be redirected to the site. This works the same on other shops in my "LOOK A LIKES FROM EBAY" posts.

I'm a big fan of Ebay, and I can't guarentee that the items will look exactly like the picture. I'm not a seller or something and I don't sponsor Ebay or the sellers on Ebay. I just want to share these great items with you guys.

In case you missed my previous posts about LOOK A LIKES FROM EBAY.

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