Collaboration with OHMYGOSH.BE

10 September 2013

Hi my loves!

I'm gonna collaborate with the newest upcoming individual fashion, lifestyle, beauty platform. They're still working on it, but the waiting is worth it. I'll introduce you to this upcoming site before launching
it, isn't that great?

OHMYGOSH has one main website called: which collaborates with bloggers, I'll be blogging once in a month on their site. (or more if I have the time for it) They will have post about personal styles, featured bloggers (just like me!), models, DIY's, food articles and much more.

They also have the site, also called their webshop. They're also selling things on their envy store: I secretly want it all.

Here's some more information about their webshop, I got this from their site.


We are an online lifestyle shop with a focus on personality. We are a big fan of personal style and we love the individuals. This is what our collection is based on. We have different styles for everyone in our collection. Our goal is to keep everything in low stock to keep everybody’s style exclusive. Exclusivity on a budget.

OHMYGOSH is starting small but in the future we want to expand and produce our own signature clothing line. Our mission is to grow big but the art is to stay the same. We aim to introduce ourselves into the lives of those who need us!

OHMYGOSH is actually a collective name for all the labels we have. It’s not just clothes & accessories. We also focus on the girls that like to craft and love to add a personal touch in their closet.

Dividing OMG
FashionVoid is our focus on style. Inspired by the Tokyo street girl. She has her own sense of style and feels secure about what she wears and how she wears it. FV will have all kinds of styles. Rock star babies & 90’s babies.
Rouzin Vintage is our focus on Vintage . Our girl is an inspirational blogger that likes to find items that are rare. Not just clothes and accessories but also artsy stuff to personalize her home or room with.
Monkey Monkay  will focus on kids!
Crafty girls will focus on craft supplies & stationary. DIY!

The OMG Factor
Our girl is a chameleon at heart, she changes her spots as many times as she can and makes friends wherever she goes.  She is fun, confident and sweet but a true rebel when she feels like it. Getting lost in grandmama’s boudoir to find dusty vintage to bring back to justice. Everybody loves her and she’s really just one of a kind.

"OHMYGOSH!!"  They also have a SUPER FALL MYSTERY GIVEAWAY going on! You can still join this awesome giveaway. You just need to follow the instruction in the following picture:

instagram: fashionvoid

Are you excited as I am? I can't wait to blog for OHMYGOSH, it's gonna be really awesome for sure. :)

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