Trend update: Crazes and trends

19 October 2012

Hi my loves,

There are a lot of crazes and trends lately... you see them errywhere. And stuff are getting mainstream. You may also guessed some crazes, people see it, buy it, wear it, and then they put them in their garderobe or their garbage bag... far away and then the crazes and trends make a come back! It's always the same story, you'll never know when they come. And... you don't want to put your gorgeous stuff in the garbage bag right? I got a nice solution for it... First: the crazes and trends:


Cathead sweater €37 - River Island // Tiger face animal printed T-Shirt - // Panther printed cross T-shirt - Nelly // Camo slumped coat €49 - // Camouflage cross printed shirt €7,62 - // Camouflage drop arm €7,62 -

The craze about studs, it came from the gothic culture. They had studs on their bracelets or shoes, it made your outfit really cool. And now, suddenly everyone wanted to buy them! They can make your simple T-shirt really stunning, little details on it and your boring shirt is gone. You can buy them on for a little price and you can put them on your clothes, shoes, accessoires or what-ever. But: don't over-do it. It may be look your outfit ordinair, or if you like it: JUST DO IT! You can have a lot of clothes and accessoires with studs on it, some are a little bit pricy but when you got the right items for the right price.. you got a stunning item. Studs can break or make your outfit. From classy to a lil trashy. You choose. You can also go for the CAMOUFLAGE PRINT, this was based on.. yes you guessed it right.. the militair. It's back again, those blazers with cufflinks or something like that. These are time-less! The camouflage print is sometimes hard to combinate those jackets with the colours in the jackets himself, or go for the basic colours, black, white, and gold and silver. Those colours are save to use. Or just make your own creation, go for prints with prints, it gives you a nice effect. You can also combinate the camouflage print with the PANTHER PRINT. A camouflage print with a pantherprinted CROSSED shape on it.. looks great. Look at the picture. You can combinate all those crazes an trends with eachother, it's like a grungy ubanish look (ha I like to use -ish or -y to each word, hihi!) These colours are really dark, so you can also use neon colours, or put a fierce colour in your outfit. They will jump out of your outfit, or you can just use cute and soft colours like animals. They are just such cute beings, so the designers are bringing them back in the picture. Those ANIMAL HEADS on shirts are really a statement, you can always wear those! So that's great if your a fashion victim like me. Hmh... I really should buy one of these. They are really cute and adorable. JUST MIX AND MATCH TOGETHER. OR USE ''SAVE'' COLOURS IN YOUR OUTFIT. 

Lots of love,
Rui Jun

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