24 April 2013

Hi my loves,

Today I realized that I got this blog for a year, my first post on this blog was on april 11th 2012. I know, i'm late with it... I scrolled on my posts and I thought: ''WHAT? How could I forget this'' Well, I bought myself a pack of cakes after my intership and celebrated it... How could I forget my anniversary, I thought girls never forget those dates or it's just me.

Happy birthday to my blog! I still know the day that I started with 30 views in a month or less. I grew to 2800+ views in a month and i'm still growing.  Thanks for all the support, followers, comments and everything I really really appreciate it.

Let's go to the 2nd anniversary, times flies and I hope that I won't forget it hahah oh i'm such a badass in those things...

What can I do to make it up with you guys? LEAVE A COMMENT HERE.

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