LOOK A LIKE: KENZO tiger sweater

26 January 2013

Hi my loves,

For the fashionlovers among us we all know about the KENZO tiger sweater. The green one is very popular, a lot of IT-girls are wearing them. Besides the green you also got blue, red and grey. While I was shopping I saw this KENZO look-a-like at H&M for €9,95!

The real one:
You can buy the real one for €195. That's crazy huh?


And because of the big hype of this KENZO tiger sweater there are a lot of look-a-likes which you can buy at shops. 

Here is another look-a-like that you can buy at Styleaddict.com.au for $90

ZARA: €24,95
Because of the sale I couldn't find the link where you can buy it online.

What do you guys think about the KENZO tiger sweater? Would you buy the real one for €195,- or would you buy a look-a-like? Comment and let me know!

Iris van Herpen / Yin Xiuzhen

24 January 2013

Hi my loves,

I really adore the Dutch designer Iris van Herpen (28). She is very inspiriring and her work is amazing. She studied at ArtEZ in Arnhem (Holland), and she interned at Alexander McQueen in London and Claudia Jongstra in Amsterdam. She shows her collections lately at musea's in The Netherlands. And yes, I also did visit her collection in a musea. (Groningen) I knew about her before we went there, because that same musea  I entered a contest. You had to make another design and you had to put it on a Barbie, you had to be inspired by the Iris van Herpen! But I didn't won anything haha, what a shame. But care there will be some more contests right! When I went there with school, I didn't have a lot of clear pictures from her collection. But it was really amazing in real. There was also another art creation at the same musea, it was from Yin Xiuzhen. She made some really awesome things with clothes! Yes, clothes. Just t-shirts, or pants or something like that were in her creations. It looked really awesome.

Here are some pictures that I toke at that day. It was last year by the way! I can't choose so I picked a lot of pictures of the collections of Iris van Herpen.

Artwork from Yin Xiuzhen, there is a lot of background in her artwork. It's like, when you bring your suitcase you also take your own home with you. She used clothes because clothes in this artwork because they describe yourself or something like that. She made a town of clothes! Pretty awesome right?

I toke this random picture because I really liked it.

Pictures from some collections of Iris van Herpen. I tooottally love it. I really can't pick the best pictures of it because everything is amazing. Every little detail that's in it. Sorry for the bad quality by the way, I toke those pictures with my Black Berry because I forgot my camera, ugh..

I think she's so inspiring because of the way she thinks, and how she make a design. There is always so much background on it. Like when you see a design of her it really tells a story, and she don't just draw something. She figures everything out, and if she thinks something is interesting she'll make use of it. It's really deep, like this waterdress picture. Before she made this dress of plastic, she was thinking about a bath and water. Like when someone comes out of a bath you see water floating and then she just made this. Hahaha no, there is ofcourse so much other thinks that she figured out too before she made this ofcourse. Well, it's not only this waterdress, she also used other things and stuff. It's very interesting in my eyes! It's gorgeous too see it, and I think she was at the musea not because of clothes... well, yes  but also because fashion is art. I think it really is!

Oh, and if you want to see more work of her... Well I wanted to, I saw some really lovely pictures of her Haute Couture 2012/2013 Fall winter collection that she showed at Paris Fashion week.

Video of the show:

She got a lot of crazy 3D prints like the collection that was showed at the musea.

Iris van Herpen, herself!

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