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19 April 2018


~ thanks dio for taking the pics.

I totally can't get over this look! When I received my package from To Save, I couldn't wait to wear the overalls I got. It's such an unique piece, something I've never really seen. The belt and the shape is so different from what i'm used to. I wore it the next day I got it. Maybe it's a thing that I do, but whenever I get something new. It doesn't matter what it is: socks, shirts, jackets, I always wear it the next day. When wearing this outfit I feel really confident and I really want to wear something like this everyday if I could. It's just too much of a hassle wearing something like this, because I have a backpack full with stuff to carry around with almost everyday and when I wear heels this high... I think I will fall so many times because i'm just too clumsy. Even when i'm not carrying a heavy backpack, I will already trip haha. 

I wish I picked a smaller size because usually I will go for an asian M since asian M is a "normal" sized S. But I think you should just go for your normal size if you want to buy these overalls, because the straps always fell of my arms which is super annoying. You can really tell in the pictures it's happening because you can see it haha. I went for gold details in this look, such as my gold earrings (you can't really tell i'm wearing earrings), watch and the gold belt I got with the overalls. I also almost sold the leopard printed blouse since I never wore it anymore, but i'm so glad I didn't sell it! I think I got this one for only 5 euros in my local thrift store. It has regular beige buttons which are pretty boring. I might change them, but the blouse has shoulder pads so I think it's from the 80s. I'm not really sure. I don't really mind the shoulder pads, but maybe because of this hot weather we have now it might be annoying and warm.

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~ RJ

F 4 K 3

17 April 2018


~ thanks dio for taking the pics.

It's beeeeeen forever! I've been doing 100 things at the same time like always. When shooting this outfit, it was soo cold! I'm so happy it's getting better now, because I had to shoot some outfits for you. I have more outfits ready for you to post.

I think this shirt i'm wearing is really one of my favorite pieces, because I can always wear it and I am always wearing it! My style has changed so much, I don't really wear skinny jeans anymore because wide pants are just way too comfortable.

I also want to dye my hair again, but because of the bleaching my scalp is really stressed out so I should just let it rest. I'm getting used to this blonde hair, maybe I will cut it soon because I don't like this length.

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~ RJ


22 February 2018


I've been more active than ever on Instagram but I haven't been posting here since last year, and wow... so many things happend. I really miss writing for this blog, sharing my thoughts and putting it out in the world wide web for everyone to read. I've had a lot of stress and my depression kicked in again but good things are slowly coming my way. I also didn't have a lot of motivation to take new photos outside of myself because of the weather. I didn't know if it would rain or not, and it was way too cold for me.. but hey I finally took some photos today at 2 celsius. I wouldn't recommend shooting in the cold because my toes and hands were freezing! I also had to bike to my home and I told myself I shouldn't shoot anymore in this cold. But I want to so I will. :)

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam to do some vintage/second hand shopping. One of the things I bought was this adorable pink satin blouse with flowers and ancient Chinese buildings on it. It was only 12 euros and it fitted perfectly. I'm wearing this with my dark blue pants from Asos I bought on sale and found a matching blazer from my moms closet in the same color from H&M. I also haven't worn the belt for a few years but I also didn't want to donate it when I was cleaning up my closet. I donated a lot of clothes I don't wear anymore because I always kept the things "just in case". I'm glad I donated because now I have more space for other "new" stuff.

Can't wait to show you all my outfits if you don't follow me on Instagram. I will shoot in this cold for the sake of this blog.

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~ RJ

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