29 April 2014

So for a school project we had to make a music video, it could be anything. I chose Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball". I liked the concept and it wasn't too hard to make, that was what I guessed before I made the video. Me and a classmate Sanneke vd Heide created everything for the video. We had to create the decoration, and we had to use the similiar clothes and shoes for it. We decided to use a barbie doll for the music video.

It was a lot of hard work, and it was also a lot of fun to shot. A lot of our classmates were curious what was happening. So I edited and this came out. Sanneke is also editing the video, so fingers crossed haha.

Enjoy watching the video, there will maybe a behind a scenes video online. We still don't know yet though.

Look what I got in the mail today

23 April 2014

These two just came in! I got the blogger tee from a second hand Facebook shop, where you can sell and buy your things in Holland. I bet they got these also in other countries, they're so addictive haha. The right one is a white peterpan collar as you can see, and it's a cute dress from persunmall.com. You can get it here if you want. I've been loving dresses lately, I never wore those in the past to be honest. I thought they were awkward, but i'm giving it a try. Got three dresses now in my garderobe.

Fabric love

22 April 2014

I love buying some cool looking fabrics now and then. When i'm in a DIY mode I can start with a lot of projects again. Too bad that those were the last pieces from my local fabric store, they're so short and so overpriced. I payed like 6 euros for these two fabrics and they're not bigger than a handkerchief.

Opening FOREVER21 Amsterdam

20 April 2014

The budget streetfashion store FOREVER21 opened yesterday on 19 April 2014 in Amsterdam. And.. I went there. I can tell you that the store is super big, with three floors, a huge accessoires section, basic section, and more! I didn't even want to buy anything because the rows were so huge, I heard you have to wait 2 hours to buy something. Well, i'm gonna try in the holiday again! I'm just hoping that it won't be the same as Primark though haha.

I forgot to take my camera with me, so I toke some pictures with my phone camera. I didn't toke a lot of pictures because there were way too many people, and I didn't know if you have the permission to take some.

So these are the only pictures that I got. The collection was overall pretty good, I saw dungarees, a lot of crop tops, shorts, and dresses with cute prints! It's worth to take a look sometime.

Did you went to the opening of FOREVER21?

WHAT TO WEAR: Palm trees 2

16 April 2014

Palm trees are trending these days. This is the second post about palm trees, palm trees 2.0 just kidding! I love wearint high waisted skater skirts, I think all skater skirts are high waisted. What I always do when i'm wearing a skater skirt is putting a shirt or blouse in the skater skirt. So the skater skirt will look cooler than before! But if you can also just put a blouse over the skirt, the real feeling of wearing a skater skirt is a bit gone but it's what you like right!

I chose again.. a monochrome outfit haha, monochrome is timeless and you can wear it too. Timeless and classic, what more do you want! Putting a cool color just like purple will refresh your outfit a bit. Just a little accessory as sunglasses can do a lot. Or a metallic clutch. Do it your way!


15 April 2014

Uh, girl.. you say what? Hipster overalls, what are you talking about. Dungarees are hot at this moment, I made in the past a post about it. But if you follow my blog, you already know it's gone. The content isn't gone just the pictures. Oh my, oh my, I can be really stupid sometimes. If you didn't noticed.. just check my post about it.

Let's get going with this post already shall we. "Hipster overalls" what are those, I call dungarees the hipster overalls to be honest. It's overhyped over the internet, and every girl want to have one. Some are really overpriced, I just have to say that. I mean come-on 90 euros for some denim that you can wear. The overalls before the hipster hype are the work overalls, I thought: why don't make an "oldschool" how to wear work overalls. It's unique right, did you as a fashion blogger read anything like that? I didn't! And I read a lot of blogs.

So I made some awesome sets with the work overalls, how to turn a work overall into a fashionable outfit?! Let's see them all.

The work overall is all about safety, and now it's also fashionable! For more safety clothes you can go to this webshop. I also used the overalls from this webshop.

WHAT TO WEAR: Palm trees

10 April 2014

Palm trees, and tropical graphics are trending these days. And you're guessing what to wear? Ofcourse: palm trees! When tee's are black and white, you can wear them with anything. Here's a classic how to wear them: sunglasses with gold details, gold accessories make your outfit look classy. But don't overdo it, or it become trashy. 

Stay tuned! I'm posting more "What to wear" posts with palmtree items!

Geo pattern bracelet

9 April 2014

After I received this beautiful bracelet, I found out that this was from the Harry Potter movie. The new one, oh god. I should watch the "new movies", it's weird that I watched the first movie too many times. But the other parts like never, or some. I should do a Harry Potter movie marathon sometime!

The bracelet is really cute, although I didn't wore it. My boyfriend borrowed this bracelet and wore it all the time. The second time that he wore it, the bracelet broke but I could easily fix it with my bare hands. So that was not a big deal. The braided ropes are from a good material, just like the iron on the ropes and the triangle. You can't bend it, yes I tried it. Just so you know. I don't like it when cool bracelets break so easily. 

Just like a lot bracelets it's hard to put it on. But that's not a big problem, I love the bracelet and the quality is really good. I recommend this one, I can't wait to wear it in the summer. 


8 April 2014

Art pop is one of the biggest trends that's going on right now. Cool shirts, dresses, clutches, you can put the trend on every fashion item that there is. This time I chose a really colorful dress. You can see a lot of different textures in one dress and there are also a lot of different colors. I chose this dress because I know that some people think this dress is awful, and a small group of people think this dress is pretty cool. I can show you how to make an awful printed dress pretty awesome!


Let's start with a totally awesome outfit. Make the outfit cooler than it is, with cool winged platform sneakers and a clutch - you can steal the show. Express yourself with this cool outfit.


You want to wear a colorful dress, but don't want to use too much colors in one outfit? Keep this outfit clean and cool with a pair of platform boots that matches with the colors in the dress. Red dark lipstick, a black oversized blazer and a hat. Keep your monochrome clutch in hand, just in case.


I just love matching clothes with all black accessories. Just like this colorful dress, in this dress you can also pick white for the accessories. Just what you like. You want to look cool but you don't want to wear an all black outfit, because there are colors too! If you don't want to overdo it, choose one color and wear accessories in that color.


Wanna use all the colors in the dress, why the heck not. I love using the same colors like the item itself. Just like this dress. Black creepers, they look really cool with dresses. And red lipstick, stand out why not! Red lipstick isn't that ordinary anymore, a lot of people wear them, round sunglasses.. you can't miss them. And if you're going out or going to carry a lot of stuff with you, backpacks is the solution!

WHAT TO WEAR: Denim on denim

7 April 2014

I can totally live with this weather in The Netherlands. The sun is shining! I just ate some icecream with my boyfriend, i'm so ready for this summer. Eating icecream everyday, shopping in a lovely weather just like today, taking a lot of polaroid pictures, I can't wait!

This is what i'm actually wearing today. A oversized denim jacket, thrifted from my local thriftshop or actually a second hand shop. A basic grey long sleeved top from my boyfriend's closet. My all time favorite jeans, a H&M acid wash denim jeans. I got it in the sale for just 8 euros, oh I love sale haha. Ofcourse my lovely platform sneakers from H&M, that I got from my boyfriend on my birthday.

Have a nice day, and enjoy the weather for the people who lives in The Netherlands!

Kenzo look a likes

6 April 2014

KENZO, if you don't follow fashion blogs or don't have Tumblr you haven't seen them. But I as a blogger, I've seen them everywhere. KENZO sweaters are or were everywhere. It was a totally hype, I've blogged earlier about KENZO. There were a lot of look-a-likes. Zara had them, H&m, and a lot of little webshops. The KENZO tiger is what i'm talking about, the KENZO tiger on the sweater was the item that you gotta have. There was a huge list for the sweater, and you had to wait forever to get it. The real KENZO tiger sweater is €349,- on Farfetch.com

I found KENZO look-a-likes for just $ 21.99. The real one is €95,-


The left sweater is real KENZO, and the right dress is a look-a-like.


The right dress is real KENZO, and the left top is a look-a-like.


More look-a-likes are coming up soon. What do you like the most? Can you see the difference? Do you prefer real KENZO or the look-a-like? Tell me what you think! And would you like to see another designer look-a-like post, just comment and let me know.

Givenchy look-a-likes

5 April 2014

Givenchy, who doesn't know that brand. A lot of brands made look-a-likes of the cool designs of Riccardo Tisci. A lot of people are also searching for good look-a-likes of Givenchy. You know the bambi printed sweaters, dresses and tops? It's from Givenchy. Primark had also some of those look-a-likes, I also found some good look-a-likes that you may love and i'm sharing it with you guys.

The shop that we all know "Zara" also made a lot of look-a-likes from Givenchy. The stars on the shirts, with a text on the back and a number. But also a lot of graphic textures and prints that has the style of Givenchy. I also found some. Look here down below.


Do you love the look-a-likes or are you dying for the real ones. Look-a-likes are a thousand times cheaper than the real ones... but what about quality? Let me know what you think, and tell me what look-a-likes you want next! I'm making more look-a-like posts like this, so look forward to it!

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