Givenchy look-a-likes

5 April 2014

Givenchy, who doesn't know that brand. A lot of brands made look-a-likes of the cool designs of Riccardo Tisci. A lot of people are also searching for good look-a-likes of Givenchy. You know the bambi printed sweaters, dresses and tops? It's from Givenchy. Primark had also some of those look-a-likes, I also found some good look-a-likes that you may love and i'm sharing it with you guys.

The shop that we all know "Zara" also made a lot of look-a-likes from Givenchy. The stars on the shirts, with a text on the back and a number. But also a lot of graphic textures and prints that has the style of Givenchy. I also found some. Look here down below.


Do you love the look-a-likes or are you dying for the real ones. Look-a-likes are a thousand times cheaper than the real ones... but what about quality? Let me know what you think, and tell me what look-a-likes you want next! I'm making more look-a-like posts like this, so look forward to it!

Unknown said...

Very cool look-a-likes! Thanks for sharing girl, love your blog!

xoxo Saranda
Sarandipity, Fashion & Lifestyle blog

Enaissoul said...

Really nice post..
I love Givenchy!

I invite you to visit my blog.. and follow if you liked it!
I can follow back if you want.



Unknown said...

Love the look-a-likes! I don't mind them as the money I save vs buying the real version I can do other things with, like schooling ;)

Starlingdays said...

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