29 July 2016

Color changing make-up products seems to be a trend now. I really loved the Bornprettystore color changing nailpolish, so this time I want to try this lip balm. I got really dry lips so I was really curious how this lip balm would work.


Weight: 35g 
Quantity: 1 pc 
Color: Green



Some pictures from the store itself.


The package looks exact the same as the one on the website. The brand of this color changing lip balm is: Heng Fang, when I tried to search it up on Google it couldn't find the brand website. But I assume everything is in chinese which I can't read. 

Here's the product on my lips. On the first picture, I didn't wear anything but when you see the color on my lips it is a bright pink. When you compare them to the pictures on the website, you can tell it's a huge difference. I think it works, but the color didn't really change for me. I think the color will be different on every person. I got this bright pink color. 

When you look at the last picture, I ate and drink with the balm. It's not completely gone, but you need to put some more product after you eat.


Now it's time to rate everything!

The shipping is always fast from Bornprettystore, and they pack it very well. It arrived in 2 - 3 weeks.

For the price, I will give this 4 stars because I saw some cheaper ones when I googled the brand itself.

I would say it's average. I got really dry lips by myself, but the balm didn't really work to prevent the dryness. It doesn't really hydrated my lips, which is sad. I love the bright pink on my lips, and it's so easy to use! When I put the lip balm on my dry lips, the dry skin on my lips will turn more pink than on my lips itself. Which look really weird. I would love to have different colors on my lips with this product, but I don't think that's possible.

I'm happy that I tried this product, but I wish it would help my lips hydrated. The smell is fresh and fruity, the taste (sometimes the product gets in my mouth) is weird. I don't like that. But it doesn't smell bad. I would love to have it in a perfume kind of form haha.




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28 July 2016


In this outfit I wear my new grey crop top from Aliexpress. This one just came in, and the material is really soft! I wanted to do a pastel colored outfit to make my blog a bit more colorful. Like I said in my previous outfit post, I want to wear more cute pastel colors. Here it is! Wearing my pink hotline bling cap, which I love. It´s been a long time since I wore this mint suspender skirt I want to wear it more often. 

I wanted to match my fluffy keychain with another fluffy item. I chose to wear the fluffy hair tie from Bornprettystore as a bracelet instead of a hair tie. I can´t really wear a hairtie because of my short hair. It´s still growing, but I just might keep my short hair.


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~ Thank you Yona Lu for the pictures.

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27 July 2016

Baroque has been really trendy since 2012 when Dolce and Gabanna did the ready to wear show. Check it out here. I do really love the gold and black together. That's why I picked this wonderful dress with the gold embroidery. It looks really chic and the dress itself is already a statement piece. You don't really need statement pieces on statement pieces it would be too much. This dress is made by Cici Lau. I've never really heard about her before, but she made a lot of chic looking dresses. I think they only sell her designs at, they got a lot of pretty dresses from designers. You can also check some cute summer dresses they have.

With the dress I picked out this suede heeled sandals in black, and this gorgeous leather shoulder bag. You can use the bag for your essentials. For example your make-up, wallet, perfume when you're going out. But if you're wearing another outfit, you can also use the bag for other purposes. If you don't like to carry a lot going out, you can pick a little clutch from the bag section. Or you can even use the little bag that comes with the shoulder bag.



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