28 July 2016


In this outfit I wear my new grey crop top from Aliexpress. This one just came in, and the material is really soft! I wanted to do a pastel colored outfit to make my blog a bit more colorful. Like I said in my previous outfit post, I want to wear more cute pastel colors. Here it is! Wearing my pink hotline bling cap, which I love. It´s been a long time since I wore this mint suspender skirt I want to wear it more often. 

I wanted to match my fluffy keychain with another fluffy item. I chose to wear the fluffy hair tie from Bornprettystore as a bracelet instead of a hair tie. I can´t really wear a hairtie because of my short hair. It´s still growing, but I just might keep my short hair.


I also have a discount code for you : ''Junt10'', and you're ready to go with the 10% off! It is valid at any time with any products (except the discounted items). Check out Bornprettystore.

~ Thank you Yona Lu for the pictures.

This post is sponsored.

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