29 December 2016

When I first saw this product, I was so curious how it worked and if it worked! I really wanted to try it out, so you could also see for yourself. This one is only $2.99, and perfect for your nailart creations.


Quantity: 1Pc
Color: White
Capacity: 15ml



Instructions: 100% new retail and high quality Apply to areas you want free of polish when you are painting your nails Create a perfect manicure with this liquid palisade that avoids the nail polish to stain your cuticle and fingers. Apply as a base coat to easily remove dark and glitter nail polishes. Liquid tape to protect your nails when painting them. Just apply, let it dry and peel it off. It smells great and leaves an amazing smell on your fingers 

Method of use: 1. Apply to the edge of fingers sparingly. 2.Normally it will dry within 5 minutes, depends on the outside temperature. 3. You can peel it off when it is fully dried. 

Attention: It will be easy to peel off if you apply it thickly. Please cover it after using.



I first put on a basecoat and then the diamond nailpolish from HEMA. I didn't use the liquid peel off tape nailpolish yet.

I put the liquid peel off tape nailpolish around my whole nail. After that I put on a dark pink glitter nailpolish on top of it. I made triangle shape.

Here I put on "Color 10 from Fogan Cosmetics", which is a really light pastel blue color.  

To finish it off, I used 2 little diamonds and a topcoat.

I peeled off the liquid tape, you can see some little parts from the tape but you can easily move them with nailpolish.


The shipping is always fast from Bornprettystore, and they pack it very well. It arrived in 2 - 3 weeks.

The price is really good! You can just try it out if you like it or not. I think it's not too much!

I can't write a lot about this product, because this peel off liquid nailpolish is the first one i've ever tried. If you put a thick coat on your fingers, it wouldn't dry as fast as 1 or 2 coats. The description of the product is saying that you have to put a thick coat on your fingers, but I don't think that's really necessary. Maybe 3 coats, that would be okay. 

When you first put the polish on your fingers/nail art you will see it's a really bright white color. It would look really weird, but if you wait for 2 minutes or something it will fade away. The white color will become transparent. 

Nailpolish is not a natural product, so it's normal that it smells. But this peel off polish smells horrible. It's really disgusting, I wouldn't use it when you're at home. You could, but I prefer to do it outside or you can use it with your windows open. That's what I did. 

Despite the smell of this product, I think it's an okay product. I think you have to be really patience if you want to do nailart with it. When I first tried to use it, I covered all the sides of my nails on my both hands. I waited for 2 minutes to let the liquid dry. Then, I tried to put 1 color of nail polish over my nails. It's really hard if you have the liquid on both hands. When the liquid is dry, you can easily pull if off with your fingers which is good! But... the problem is, when they are dry on both hands and you try to put the nail polish on your nails. The dry liquid can peel off easily because they are sticking on to each other which is sooo annoying! I would recommend doing 1 hand first, and then doing the other hand. But you really have to be patience. 

I would give this a 3 stars, it's not the best but also not too bad. The liquid itself can be really thick, it can have some lumps here and there which is hard to avoid. The liquid would look really weird with the lumps on your fingers. It won't dry as quick as a smooth part.

If you have the patience, it's a good product! You can use it as a tape, because you can just put it above your nail polish. You have to wait for the first nail polish color to dry, then you can put this over it otherwise you will take the nail polish with you with the tape polish.




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28 December 2016

This is another version of "the little black dress". I totally love the off-shoulder tops and dresses, they look really elegant and sexy at the same time. I picked this version for this outfit not only because of that but also because of these amazing long sleeves. I think this outfit is great for new years eve with a nice touch of gold.


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First I didn't even know how to style this shirt at first so I cut the old jeans from Michael, they weren't that black anymore. I wanted to style this outfit with my platform sneakers, but this turned out pretty good. I wanted to show you the socks I was wearing from New Chic, but I forgot to pull up the jeans so you could see them. I really love these pill socks, showing your socks are also really trendy right now. I would love to buy more socks! These were really inexpensive, and I would totally recommend them to you. I also got these awesome heeled sandals from them, they are awesome!! I love the gold detail on it. Let me know what you think of this outfit.

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