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1 June 2013

Hi my loves,

Ohhh I haven't talked in a while about my super-duper-interesting-life (not). So here is a quick update for you lovely readers which are interested in my life. Well, the first thing that I want to say is i'm sick i'm having a disease called ''pfeiffer'' or ''the kissing disease''. I'm most of the time/day/week very tired and I can sleep for like the whole day, I also had a fever and laryngitis. And with all of this I also catched a cold. Guess my life is pretty bad at this moment haha, being tired for like forever and having so much trouble in my body. I guess it hates me haha. I even got lazier than I was, but I can still blog for you guys so don't worry I will still post things. But with this condition I guess I won't be able to upload that much outfitposts as usual. But when i'm sick and I have lots of time, I always watch video's on YouTube or so to entertain myself. So I finally have the time to watch series and follow my favourite YouTubers! I really have to watch sooo much video's, I don't have to but I want it. Am I the only one who does that? I don't know.

To be honest, I was always addicted to the series Sex and The City, i'm at season 2 on episode 20 or something I don't know what episode really. But when I heard that they were releasing Carrie in the younger years (Carrie Diaries) I wanted to watch everything from Sex and The City first and then watch The Carrie Diaries, but there are too many seasons so I'll paused it and I started to watch this brand new series. I watched season 1 within 4 days or something... oh it's so addictive for real! I hope you'll like it too. I'm waiting and hoping for a season 2. Some people say it's not that popular so they won't film another season, that's pretty stupid in my opinion actually.

Watch the trailer here:
If you want to watch The Carrie Diaries you can just google for it: ''The Carrie Diaries season 1 episode ..''

As some of you may know, I always ruin cellphones. I can't handle them I guess I always break them I don't know how but it's just me and my sillyness or something haha-. The smartphones these days are pretty awesome to be honest, but I use my Samsung Star QWERTY now because I broke my Blackberry. Bleh. So I can't use those social media and all that other stuff like apps, notes, camera, internet. I'm such a bad blogger, I don't even have a smartphone! Well, maybe I don't even need it. But i'm always jealous because of those awesome apps that I can't use... like the famous photo app: ''Instagram''. I always liked to take pictures of everything and now there's a way to share it with everyone with one touch on your smartphone. But I don't have one.. so I never had a chance to use it. I made an account but I wasn't active or something, my Instagram was really dead because I don't have a smartphone. I always had to use some iPad, phone or iPod of someone else to upload pictures. But... now I figured something out! I think it's really genius, I can now use those android/smartphone apps on my laptop. I downloaded Bluestacks. So now can I use all those lovely apps on my laptop. I'm finally active on Instagram now... so now you can stalk my life on pictures beside my blog ha-.

IG: ruijunluong

Here are some random pictures of last week when some friends of me came over. Oh, we're such weird people. I always have a lot of fun with them they're great haha.

I also have my Vogue shirt yay. I really wanted this shirt and I didn't want the magazine, but I bought it because of the shirt.. Hmh, well. I love this shirt, so I didn't had a choice. It's just a simple white basic shirt with VOGUE on it. It's a one size tee, so it's a little big and oversize for me. But I still like it. I don't care! 

Well, guys let's celebrate the weekend now! By the way: the OASAP giveaway ended. I didn't made the 50 participants I guess, but you guys will hear from me.  

Oh god, i'm really addicted to this Bruno Mars song. It's catchy and addictive, it's pretty old but I don't care i'm getting happy vibes when I hear this song haha. 

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