15 April 2014

Uh, girl.. you say what? Hipster overalls, what are you talking about. Dungarees are hot at this moment, I made in the past a post about it. But if you follow my blog, you already know it's gone. The content isn't gone just the pictures. Oh my, oh my, I can be really stupid sometimes. If you didn't noticed.. just check my post about it.

Let's get going with this post already shall we. "Hipster overalls" what are those, I call dungarees the hipster overalls to be honest. It's overhyped over the internet, and every girl want to have one. Some are really overpriced, I just have to say that. I mean come-on 90 euros for some denim that you can wear. The overalls before the hipster hype are the work overalls, I thought: why don't make an "oldschool" how to wear work overalls. It's unique right, did you as a fashion blogger read anything like that? I didn't! And I read a lot of blogs.

So I made some awesome sets with the work overalls, how to turn a work overall into a fashionable outfit?! Let's see them all.

The work overall is all about safety, and now it's also fashionable! For more safety clothes you can go to this webshop. I also used the overalls from this webshop.

Nuria said...

Ik vind het idee ze te dragen als fashion item nog raar, ik moet er nog aan wennen. De combinaties zien er wel tof uit!

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