8 April 2014

Art pop is one of the biggest trends that's going on right now. Cool shirts, dresses, clutches, you can put the trend on every fashion item that there is. This time I chose a really colorful dress. You can see a lot of different textures in one dress and there are also a lot of different colors. I chose this dress because I know that some people think this dress is awful, and a small group of people think this dress is pretty cool. I can show you how to make an awful printed dress pretty awesome!


Let's start with a totally awesome outfit. Make the outfit cooler than it is, with cool winged platform sneakers and a clutch - you can steal the show. Express yourself with this cool outfit.


You want to wear a colorful dress, but don't want to use too much colors in one outfit? Keep this outfit clean and cool with a pair of platform boots that matches with the colors in the dress. Red dark lipstick, a black oversized blazer and a hat. Keep your monochrome clutch in hand, just in case.


I just love matching clothes with all black accessories. Just like this colorful dress, in this dress you can also pick white for the accessories. Just what you like. You want to look cool but you don't want to wear an all black outfit, because there are colors too! If you don't want to overdo it, choose one color and wear accessories in that color.


Wanna use all the colors in the dress, why the heck not. I love using the same colors like the item itself. Just like this dress. Black creepers, they look really cool with dresses. And red lipstick, stand out why not! Red lipstick isn't that ordinary anymore, a lot of people wear them, round sunglasses.. you can't miss them. And if you're going out or going to carry a lot of stuff with you, backpacks is the solution!

Unknown said...

I like it paired best with the black blazer!

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