24 March 2016

Jackets and coats are one of my favorite things to wear. If I buy a cool jacket or coat, I would wear the shit out of them! I think good and cool jackets and coats are an essential to your warderobe. When it's cold, it's the first thing you see! So that's really important.

The first jacket for this wishlist is this adorable white trench coat. I love the style of the coat. It's short in the front, and long in the bag. It makes your outfit really classy!


The denim jacket. Everyone should have one. They look great with every outfit, and they are so easy to wear.

I'm in love with this jacket. I think it looks soo cool, because you can wear it in different ways.

Since spring is coming, I think this is the perfect one to have. They have it in black and white!

Jacket, or blouse? I don't know. It was on the jacket and coats collection. I do wear blouses as "jackets" tho. I think they gives it a little touch. I like the black one more than the camo. Camo isn't my style anymore. I actually sold my camo blouse! 

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