10 July 2016

I remember when I wrote about my Chanel glasses. It was my second perscription glasses i've ever had. These glasses were covered by my health ensurance company, because I was under 18 years. If you are under the age of 18 years, they will cover the glasses in The Netherlands. Glasses are really expensive if you got to the regular store. They might be around 400 euros for just glasses with perscription. It's crazy! Since a few weeks ago, I never knew there were company's that made affordable glasses.

One of these company's is Charlie Temple, it is a Dutch company based in Delft (The Netherlands). They have a few designs, and I bought one design. (This one) They have this design in different colors, but I just love the transparent look. I've tried them in some stores, but they didn't had them with perscription. I'm so happy I found this webshop. I bought one for the daily basis, with just clear glasses and one sunglasses.

They came really fast, just 1 day after I ordered they came in. The shipping is just on point! When I opened the package it came with 2 really cute white boxes.

With the boxes I got the glasses, cases and cloths to clean them.

You can see that the designs are the same.

On the glasses you can see what brand it is.

Here you can find what name the glasses have.

When you order, you can pick different glasses. For the everyday clear glasses I got the computer glass. When I compare them with my glasses with normal glasses, you can see the difference. I think these computer glasses really work. On the outside you can see that they are more yellow/orange and with a little blue.


Now it's time to rate everything!

The shipping is super fast! The package was also really nice.

The price is so good! I only paid 77,50 euros for two glasses. 40 euros for the normal glasses and 37,50 for the sunglasses. I think the quality is good for what you get, it is better than expected. The frames are from a good quality, they are strong and you can't bend it easily.

I love it! The clear glasses is really trendy right now, and I they look really good on me. The frame is plastic, but inside of the legs you can see a little metal in it. 

The legs were a too long for me, so I went to a local optician to let it fixed. They were really nice. Now they fit perfectly.  

The glasses are plastic, but that is okay! Because I prefer plastic glasses instead of glass. They are easy to clean with the cloth. The glasses are not too thick and not too thin.

I really recommend these glasses for everyone, they are really affordable. They got glasses for men and woman and with perscription! 


I am not sponsored by Charlie Temple.
Unknown said...

These glasses look so stunning! It's a plus that they come at affordable price too :)

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