24 February 2016

Yes. I know. You've read it right. It says "fake" in the title. You must think that i'm a cheap, and crazy person or something. Or you think that no one should buy fakes. Well. I wanted to try it out for you guys. If you read some more posts from my blog, you know how I think and what I think. I would never really spend that much money on one shoe. They are shoes, and really over expensive..

I thought: why not give it a try? It's only 23 euros! The shop/seller where I bought my pair, doesn't sell it anymore. But I found a seller that looks like he sells the same one as mine. He also sells it for a similar price. :)


Department Name: Adult Item 
Type: casual shoes 
Shoe Width: Medium(B,M) 
Feature: Breathable 
Season: Spring/Autumn 
Closure Type: Elastic band Upper 
Material: Canvas Insole 
Material: EVA Pattern Type: Solid 
Gender: Unisex Outsole 
Material: Cow Muscle Lining 
Material: Canvas Heel 
Type: Flat with Model 
Number: yeezy boost 350

€ 23,98



I took these pictures after I wore them for about 3/4 weeks?  (from another seller) I took them in the bus, because I never have time to take good pictures with good light!!

Yeah.. I know they're dirty. The "yzy" logo is too big. Bigger than the real ones.

Yep.. it's dirty af. It doesn't have a beige and white sole. Just like the seller's picture.

There's this huge Adidas logo on the inside.

I also took some pictures in the evening, because nope.. I don't have fancy studio lightning.


I found some pictures from the "real" ones, to compare.

Pictures are from Dailymovement.

"Real YZY"

My fake one's from Aliexpress.

"Real YZY"

"Real YZY"

"Real YZY"

My fake one's from Aliexpress.

"Real YZY"

My fake one's from Aliexpress.


Shipping was so fast! Got it in 2/3 weeks.

It's easy to bend the shoe, it's really light too! I didn't expected to be this light. I tried to clean the shoes for this review, but it was really really hard to clean. Those details on the soles are a bitch to clean. You can see on the picture that I took from the front of the shoe, that some parts are "gone?" I probably scrubbed too hard, to get it clean.

I like the style, that's why I bought this shoe. I'm not going to spend $300 +- on these shoes, because it's from Kanye West or because everyone is hyped about it. I like the design, and I wanted to try it out. I could spend 20 euros, but not $300 +- to try it. I mean, a lot of people are only buying the real ones and spending so much money on it to sell it again. And a lot of times, they don't even wear it at all. Which is so sad!! You are supposed to wear the shoes right? Good, if you wear the real ones. And I also think it's okay to wear the "fakes", because why does it matter? They're aaaaalways made in third world countries, even if they're so expensive. They pay the same price to make it, but you buy if for less if you're buying it from Aliexpress or Ebay. 

I think they don't really look like the real ones, maybe from far away. I rate them 2 out of 5, because there are a lot of flaws.

It's the most comfortable shoe that I own! I own a lot of platforms, and only 2 sneakers (this is my second one haha...). I really wear this everyday, and I don't know how to describe it, but I should've bought this pair earlier if I could.

Overall, I rate this a 4 out of 5! Pretty good. I like it because it's so comfortable. I totally recommend these. I wouldn't buy it, if you want to get a "good fake" yzy sneaker. But if you are not that hyped, and want to have a comfortable and cheap sneakers. I would totally buy it!

Let me know what you think about the shoes, do they look a like? Would you ever buy fake brands?


€ 23,98

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