1 November 2014


Yesterday was halloweeen, and today November started! Gosh, just 2 months and it's 2015 already. I'm not ready for that haha. I saw everyone having cool halloween parties on the Internet. Especially Facebook and Instagram. I just bleached my hair, I still want grey hair! Maybe I can acheive this now. I know, I still got black hair here. But I always try to make a lot of pictures in one day so I can spread the outfit posts out. When I took these pictures, I just got the top and the coat in. I really love them.

I still haven't worn the coat yet, because sometimes it's just too much to wear on a regular day. I just wear a black trenchcoat when I go outside. The top was pretty weird when I got it. It has one ring and a piece of cloth. I had to figure out how to wear it, but it looks pretty good haha. The top itself was pretty big, the front is shorter than the back. That's a little confusing because you can't wear it as a dress. I'm not really tall, so you should be shorter than me which is (1.55 cm) without platforms. To wear it like a dress... So I just wore a skirt over it. It was a little awkward, the material of the top was not really flattering. It's like a material sportswear have, it's shimmery. I also got a package from Dresslink, ugh finally I had to wait 2 weeks for it. I will post a review about it!

Krista Clor said...

You look really great :)

Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

Anna said...

your blogname is absolutely awesome!! and so is you style (:

it takes 2 to fashion
ps. We really like your blog, would you like to follow each other?

yona l said...

omfgggg, i love this ~~~
The sailor outfit is so cute!!!!

I think you should wear that coat out, it doesn't look like it's too much ^^
It's enough!!

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