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6 May 2014

A lot of cool things happend during my holiday! The first thing was going to Amsterdam with my lovely boyfriend Michael. Oh, it was a mess during the trip we had to take the bus and the train. I was stressed out because we couldn't make the pancake boat because the bus was too late for the train. We were planning to go to the pancake boat after we arrived in Amsterdam. We still did do the pancake boat trip thingy, instead lunch we ate dinner. It was all you can eat anyways. 

Some pictures of the view in Amsterdam!

The inside of the boat. It looked pretty old and it gave you a vintage feeling, there was a lot of wood in there. The waiter was really sweet, we also gave her a polaroid picture of herself. She was so happy with it!

Michael is so cute haha.

Selfie time on the end of the road.

The boat on the outside!

Since I was in Amsterdam, I just couldn't take some pictures of the station, it was taken by my phone camera. But, hey I forgot to take my camera with me. They still look great though.

I also chilled with a good friend of mine Tamara, I haven't seen her in a year or so. It was a lot of fun and my legs were dying because I walked too much. I should train them or something.. or maybe not.

The last day of my holiday, me and Michael bought two gerbils! They look so adorable, and they're so cute. We call them Ying & Yang because they're black and white, and they're so soft. I bought too many stuff for them, and they will arrive tomorrow at Michael's house. We also bought a bigger cage for them so they can play and such!

I also received some packages after I came back home, stay tuned because I will post reviews soon!

littlemissandrea said...

The pancake boat sounds awesome! Hope you had lots of fun on your trip :)

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