Eagle claw

7 May 2014

I love getting packages, whatever it is. It's fun to open it and try it on for the first time. This time I also got a lot of new items to review! 

The first thing that i'm gonna review is this cool claw bracelet, I fell instantly in love with this bracelet. It looked so good on the webshop, but it's prettier in real! You can pick two colors: gold or silver. I got the silver one, nowadays i'm wearing more silver than ever. First I was a gold freak, and now a silver one! 

It's pretty hard to try this bracelet on, you can open and close both sides. Even if you put it on like that it's still hard because, you need another person. You can't just open and close it, because the bracelet is "strong". It will easily go back, it sounds pretty weird but you'll understand when you see it haha. You can also just put it on from your fingers and then put it on your arm, it will hurt a little bit because your palm is bigger than the bracelet it self.

This is the back and the inside of the bracelet, here's where the magic happens! You can see that you can open and close the bracelet, the only thing that I think is pretty weird is the little silver wire on the bracelet.

More detailed pictures can you find here below.

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Coming soon: Zipper bracelet

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