Zipper bracelet

8 May 2014

Zippers are everywhere! There are skirts, shorts, tee's, sweat pants and so much more with zipper details. There are just too many, and it's like a never ending trend. So I thought that this zipper looking bracelet was just so cool and original. There are a lot zipper items, but this one is unique. It isn't a normal zipper, it's a zipper looking bracelet! There are three different colors for this bracelet: bronze, black or silver.

This bracelet is made from alloy, that's a mix of metal and some other products. I was slightly dissapointed because the bracelet was broken, you can see where the damage is. So I don´t think it´s from a really good material or it´s just the shipping... bad, bad shipping. Even though the package was good. They were wrapped in bubble wrap. I don´t know why or how. I also tried to fix it, but then it just fell again. I'm getting another bracelet, so I will do a review on this one again! Maybe with another color. I'll keep you updated.

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Ice Pandora said...

Oh noes! I'm sorry to hear that
this awesome looking zipper
bracelet is broken :c Xx

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