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27 May 2014

I’m not a food blogger, hotspots blogger or anything. So I don't know if I could write such a post like this. But let me just share my thoughts about this one. Last time I was in The Hague with the family of my boyfriend, just hanging there. We were searching for a place to eat dinner. We were walking by a “fast food chinese restaurant”. It’s at China Town in The Hague. It really looked like I was in China again, even though I was just here in The Netherlands.

Well,  the first thing the menu was just so ghetto. There was an open kitchen in front of the pay desk, and on the wall there were papers with a number and the name of the dish. They were taped on the wall and on each other. You could see that some of them were so nasty and that they almost melted because of the steam from the kitchen. I don’t know how to describe it but it looked so disgusting. To be honest, I didn’t wanted to eat here when I saw those ghetto things on the walls. I also don’t know if they were legit, because look at this description of this restaurant. I can’t even call it a restaurant, it’s more like a room full of nasty stuff.

When we finally ordered, we wanted to pick a seat. We were with 6 persons, and you just have to look at the table. You could see that every chair was different, there were even plastic chairs for your garden. I mean, who came up with this “design”. Real chinese people, I guess. Maybe they wanted to create a real ghetto chinese sphere in here. I didn't even toke some pictures, and I also don't want to make this post a negative post or that the restaurant will be taken down or something because of this post. So I won't put the name here. 

This post will be really long if I keep going haha. Later the food came, and I ordered a "Nasi Singapore". It's a pretty spicy dish with a lot of curry powder. Well, that's what I normally get when I order this dish. This dish was far away from that. It didn't smell like the normal dish, but it was something else. I also didn't taste anything at all. I asked the waitress to add more curry powder for like four times, she came back and forth but everytime she came back from the kitchen she said that the chef couldn't add more. The last time that she came back, and I said that it still wasn't good at all. I could see that she was stressed out because of me, so she was pretty mad at me. She said that the chef had enough and that this was the last time that she would help me. I was like: "Really, my parents had a restaurant with the same dish so I really know how this dish really taste." I don't ever want to come back to that restaurant. That was the last and first time, and I don't recommend the restaurant. Even though the price is so low, you get what you pay for food!

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