Leather backpack

21 May 2014

I'm so happy! This backpack just came in, I was forever searching for the perfect leather school backpack. A lot of leather backpacks were too small, not black or too expensive. I found this one and I fell in love, I had to order it. I thought it was also a bit expensive, but it's worth it! 

This backpack has a woven texture in it. I used this technique also last year for my outfit in a schoolproject. I think the woven texture is really unique and it looks great with the silver zippers. The bag has a lot of detail on it and it has different pockets.

It's a men's backpack, because I bought it from a men clothing site. Oh, the site is really awesome and it has a lot of good stuff on it. But the shipping is pretty expensive. The bag is also pretty heavy, it's weighing 1,500g. I hope I can handle the weight of it with my stuff in it, or I have to order another backpack. I hope it's not the case! 

I got this backpack from fabrixsquare.com

Denise van L said...

Waaauw, deze is super tof !! X Denise

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