25 June 2017


I'm so happy this school year is almost over. Just one week left and I can just do whatever I want for a month or two. It feels good to end the year with good grades and awesome feedback. Looking back at this school year, i'm happy I went to this art school. I didn't had any expectations and I also didn't know what to do if I didn't apply.

What I learned this school year is that experimenting is important and fun. I only really experimented with fashion, but since last year around the same time I also experimented with some graphics. I didn't really know what I did, it was just fun to do and I think that is also what got me into art school. This year it taught me to just do and not be afraid to make mistakes because it's okay to do that. We are still learning and nothing has to be perfect I think. I know we have to get our points and we have to get good grades and it's nice to hear good feedback from the teachers, but in the end I think it's up to yourself what you are creating and what you want to show. What is the vision that you have and how do you want to show that? It's hard to please all the teachers, so don't even try to do that... It's a constant struggle, also for myself but in the end of the day you are at school for yourself. I think it's a good way to find your own style and own thing with experimenting with new techniques and styles.

I hope next school year will be just as awesome as this school year!

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~ RJ

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