Why do we want to create a perfect world?

17 June 2017




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I'm asking myself a lot why we want things to go perfect or look perfect. The world is not perfect and it's never going to be perfect, and that's okay. Why do we need to change and remove things to make things better? I'm writing myself this because i'm asking myself this a lot now.

A while back I took some pictures for an assignment of people and their bedrooms, as feedback I got this: I had to change things, it wasn't perfect, it wasn't enough. I could do better. I had to photoshop things away or I had to put another thing instead of it. I understood the feedback, but no. I didn't want to change things. I didn't want to photoshop things away. It was good how it was. Why should I change things when it was how it was? I know I am the creator of the picture. I know that I could change it, I know I could make it "perfect" with nothing in the way. But it wasn't my bedroom, it was theirs. It should be shown how it is and why should I even change it when it's not like that in reality.
That's why this is the focus point of this shoot in this post.

This is a shoot from today, how it is now. Yes, it is not perfect, there is trash everywhere and that's okay. I want to portrait this because we are struggling with this everyday. With social media we want to make things look perfect and show that everything is okay even when it's not. I know we like pretty pictures but it's also okay to make imperfect ones.

In the pictures i'm showing that i'm having a one-man party. (it explains the trash i'm surrounded with) The diamond teardrops represents how I feel just like the black and white pictures. The assymetric ponytails are not perfect, so is the world. I'm wearing this top I found when cleaning up. I think it's my brothers when he still played soccer when he was 8 or something haha. I took this belt from a skater skirt I recently bought from Aliexpress. I thought the outfit missed something extra. The shorts i'm wearing is one of my favorites! I love to wear when i'm chilling at home. It's really comfortable and it has pockets in case I want to wear them outside the house. During this shoot I also picked up my soft pink blanket I love to lay in or sleep with, in the pictures it represents I want to sleep because i'm tired of everything. 

I'm not okay, and that's okay.

This blogpost is not sponsored. 

~ RJ

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