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1 July 2017

For some reason Bornprettystore doesn't sell these lenses anymore. They had these lenses in a few different colors. I picked the color pink/purple because it's currently my favorite color. I have these lenses for a couple of weeks now but I only tried them once. It's been a while since I wore lenses, I never do! I had circle lenses with perscription before but I only wore them a few times so it was a waste of money. These circle lenses were cheaper than expected, I usually pay $15 - $25 for circle lenses and these were only $5.75.


Because they don't sell the item anymore, I don't have any information from the website. You can find all the lenses they sell here.

Price $5.75

BC 8.6 mm
DIA 14.5 mm

It came with a lot of bubble wrap so the glass doesn't break with the lenses. There were two little glass containers like this with the information about the lenses.


I really like the purple and yellow details in the lenses. If you look close you can see the color of my natural eyes. The lens and my natural eye color blend really well.


Shipping was this time slower than normal, it came in 5 weeks. Usually it will arrive in 2 - 3 weeks.

I didn't know what to expect because I wasn't sure if the lenses were good or not for this price. It was better than expected.

When trying the circle lenses on I first had to get used to it again, but it didn't feel uncomfortable at all. I wore them for 4 - 6 hours for the first time.

I love the design and the colors of the lenses, I didn't even feel them in the hours I was wearing them. I could wear it longer but I didn't feel like it. The lenses are not too big and not too small for my feeling. I know that I have pretty small eyes, but I only tried twice when putting the lenses in.


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This blogpost is sponsored.

~ RJ

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