17 December 2015

Christmas is coming, and everyone is making these christmas wishlists for santa. I don't usually celebrate christmas, but since this year is different. I thought: Why just don't make one? I can also just give myself an awesome present, right? I don't really buy a lot of clothes anymore. I've watched this documentary called: "The true cost". It is a real eyeopener for everyone. Because, everyone buys and wears clothes right? I think everyone just has to see this documentary. It's pretty long, but it is worth your time really! You can read more here on their Facebook page.

Here is my christmas wishlist for this year! I wonder what's on your list.

The first item is this really cute black A-line skirt. They also have one in pink. You can get this one at Dresslink. I've already bought something from their website, which was not the best experience I got. But, I gave them a second chance.

They currently have this one in sale for only $0,01! Check here. They have more awesome sales just like this, on this page. Besides the $0,01 sale, they also have the Free shipping page.

The second item I fell in love with is this really cute and warm looking coat. They have this one in black, grey and pink! Ofcourse I went for pink, haha. I already got a fluffy coat in black, so why do I have to pick the color black again? Pink is really hot this winter! You don't have to wear pink on wednesdays only. ;)

This one is also on sale for $8,69

I have lots of more really cute things on my wish list, but these 2 are one of my favs at this moment. They are also really cool  to wear in the winter. (Yeah, you can wear skirts in the winter too!!)

What items are on your wishlist?

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