14 June 2014

I just love Ebay, and I couldn't resist when I got some money. Ah... it's just not that much! Ebay is cheap after all, and I also don't really shop a lot in "normal shops". Last time, when I went on a "shopping trip" I went to Amsterdam with my boyfriend and a good friend of mine Tamara. I really didn't see anything interesting, it was either too expensive or not my style. I will show you what I bought at Ebay! 

The shipping is just the worst, ebay can be cheap and all but you have to wait a month untill you get the stuff. I have to wait from June 24th untill July 14th. When I got the products that I bought, I will review them!

I will first start with the clothing.

I needed to have some basic tops in my closet, because I really don't have a lot of tops to put on shorts. I think I bought these three, because I couldn't see anymore what kind of print I bought haha. They're $3.00 - 3.34,  that's nothing!

I just needed those. You can wear them underneath your skirt/short/dress, so people won't see your underwear when the wind blows it away. I also did a little DIY on my old leggings, I just ripped the bottom off. But I think the lace makes it prettier.

It's hard to find unique and original prints on clothing. A lot of "Harajuku" stuff which are really great, still are like 30 euros or something. It's so hard to find the right one with a good price. Sometimes it's just the shipping, the sellers are so greedy. When you want to buy two things from the same seller, you have to pay shipping two times. What kind of logic is that? 

I just love the print of this t-shirt, I want to buy the other ones too. But I first want to see how it looks and how it fits, because you never know if it's too short or the print is ugly.

I love the look of suspender skirts, they're just way too adorable. I never saw people wearing those in the streets in The Netherlands! Not even big cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam. It's a shame haha. I the color purple, but it was sold out. Other sellers still had the color but you know, even on ebay I didn't want to buy that because of the price hahaha. I'm so greedy! So I picked this color: green. I don't have a lot of green in my closet, so I want to try it on. I still can match the green with shirts with a print on it like stripes, polkadots or another pattern.

I also bought a white suspender skirt, but this one is a little different. It has a zipper in the front and it's a little bit more high waisted I guess. I picked the white one, because I wanted to try it on. I have a white dress, and a white short that is too big. I hate the fact that the size S is sometimes so big, it's like a size L. It just feels like that anyway. White looks great on every look, just like black. But I have black skirt from H&M so I don't think i'm gonna buy a black one after this. 

FIRST TEE. $6.45
THIRD TEE. $5.88
FIFTH TEE. $8.99

There are a lot of cool oversized shirts that I want to try... but money is the problem! I deleted a lot of products, because I didn't want to spend all my money on products from Ebay. I litterly had like $200 in my shopping bag, I will maybe buy them the next month. I still bought a lot of shirts this time, I just love them all and I hope the one size ones are oversized.

What do I have to say, over knee's are adorable! And the price, just just gotta love it.

I adore long cardigans, they just fit so well! And if you're wearing shorts and you don't want to show your butt, you can just throw a long cardigan over it. Problem solved!

There are just so many goodies for my polaroid. I have a Fujifilm polaroid instax mini 8, if you haven't seen my post.. you can check it out here. I found out that I should buy one on ebay to be honest. There are so many good deals, so I recommend to get one there. But I don't know how the quality is, if it's the same. It must be I think because it came from Asia anyway. 

This is a mirror for your lens, so you can take selfies haha! It's just better to have a mirror, so you don't have to ask other people to take a picture of you.

It was a long road to find a good case for my instax mini, there are many sellers but they just don't ship to The Netherlands. I just hate that. I got a white leather case, I can take the front off to take a picture. I also got a strap with it, so I can wear it on my neck.

NAIL FOIL. $6.99

I've watched so many tutorials how to put foil on your nails, they just look so cool! Better than normal nail polish I guess. No chipped nails? I hope so. I will definitely put a tutorial on this one, with a review. I just can't wait to try this on. I hope it's a good purchase or I will cry my heart out, just kidding.

BULLET. $1.59

I also bought some things for my boyfriend. The first item is a bullet necklace, I bought two of them. One for me and one for him ofcouse, I just liked the look of it. I hope the quality is good.

I spend €95 on everything here above, that's $128!

Have a great weekend, and I hope you survived yesterday. It was friday 13th. Well, I did! Nothing special really happend acutally.

Unknown said...

I love all your purchases! Love the nail foil. Awesome blog! Followed x

CityrockaP said...

Great EBAY Finds! Madi Brown commends you on finding that "extra something" in each of your selections. Don't mean to be abrupt, but I've got to end this blog comment now---Ebay here I come.

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