5 July 2015

Because it's finally holiday, I went to my dad's place for 2 days. I've been really busy with school and everything, and I could finally visit my dad. I couldn't even go on Fathers day, so I also bought him a gift.

I know that I've been filming and uploading a lot of videos, and what I said in my previous blog post.. i'm trying to mix these two things. I want to make videos and blog posts! And it's been really long since I created videos for my own channel. I have this channel for a long time right now, and not a lot of people are following me haha. But I don't really care about all that stuff, I like to make blogposts and videos. I don't even know who's looking at my blog right now, are they even reading this or do they think that i'm doing this for nothing. Well. I still like to create content, and use my creativity to create new stuff and things. So I will just keep doing this untill i'm done with it.

Some people are creating way too much content and the quality will go back down. But it's different for all the people. I just want to share my thoughts and things and I will just see if you guys will like it or not.

Well, I had a lot of fun visiting my dad. We only caught one fish, but it was all about the fun right? :) Here are some unedited pictures I took. I just love the natural sun light!!

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