13 June 2014

It's not the first time that i'm talking about daisies this year, check my previous post: TREND: Daisies. For some outfit inspirations how to wear it. Since it was a trend back in the 90's, and it came back... I chose that year as my theme.

The color palet in this outfit is pretty simple: black, white, grey and purple! If you don't like the color purple you can pick another color instead.

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Jasmin ❀ said...

I really like purple - especially in pastel shades (^__^)b.
This outfit would be a perfect match to a purple sweet potatoe dessert <3
Do you know purple sweet potatoes? :3

xoxo from Germany
Vernissage ♥ Cream

Anna Nuttall said...

I <3 purple stuff, so I love the shorts and the watch.


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