The coolest ring ever

2 April 2014

Isn't this the coolest ring you've ever saw? It is in my ring collection. Before I ordered this ring, I was afraid that it wouldn't fit. I never ordered rings online because either they're too big or they're too small. I was so excited when I received the package with this ring, it looked so awesome on the website. And it is in real! This ring is a S, and it fits on my index finger.

Take a look at this awesome ring. It's so detailed!

I'm pretty afraid that i'll break the ring when i'm wearing it, rings are breaking pretty fast. I hate that. I hope it won't happen on this ring. Even though the quality feels good. It's made of good quality "silver". Ofcourse not real silver, it's just a ring for a good price. That's the way I like, and I guess you too!

Linda said...

Wauw, apart maar wel erg mooi!

skadiida said...

thanks for following my blog! i'm really glad you like it! (:

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Hannah said...

Yep, basically the coolest ring ever.

Syrious Roberto said...

totally LOVE IT!!
Syriously in Fashion

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