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30 March 2014

When I tried to find some inspiration for a schoolproject, I saw some really cool collages in the Dutch Elle style guide from last year. I thought they really looked cool, they have those collages also in the new Style Guide. I don't know if other "Elle's" has those style guides. The Dutch Elle have for each season a new style guide. It's a really lovely and thick extra magazine. Great to collect. 

Here are the collages that I made for my project. I used the clothes from the designer webshop: Far Fetch. The backgrounds from Tumblr.

Ivana said...

Great selection, and love the creativity behind it.


Sandra Beatriz Nascimento said...

Love the creativity.
I'm just following in all your accounts.
Follow back?

Rani M. said...

Love the collages! So original!

Number 2 is my favorite!

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