A little peek in my life 3

2 April 2014

April, the Month when I get my studyfinancing. The people who lives in The Netherlands are familiar with it, students (18+) are getting money every month for school the denist and such. Now i'm 18, i'm also getting it. Yay for me! What's more coming up for this month is that this blog FUCKHIGHCLASS is turning 2 years now. Maybe i'm celebrating it with some cake and a shopping spree maybe?! Well, I have to go to Forever21 someday. These 2 years are really wonderful, and i'm happy with what I achieved. Cool collaborations, sponsorships and followers! I will make a special 2 year anniversary for my blog soon.

this picture is from tumblr.

What about March? March was a lovely month! Getting a cool internship, my one year anniversary with my boyfriend Michael and attended to many many birthdays. I also just putted my shop online, also sold some things already. Only for The Netherlands and Belgium., because world wide shipping is expensive. shopfuckhighclass.tumblr.com/ I know it's a tumblr page, but whatever!

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Sakuranko said...

Oh very cute dear, March to me is a very lovely month too.


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