10 January 2016


For this, as you can say "shoot". I finally used some eyeshadow, and to be honest it's not really eyeshadow; it's blush! It's been 3 weeks or so, since my last "shoot". I always have to get back into it. Taking pictures, and creating new outfits.

Too bad, I fell of my bike this friday. I went to see the doctor today, and he said my arm and knee are bruised. I need some rest this week. I can't really do anything, because my hand really hurts. The doctor said I had to stay home, but I have a lot of important things to do.. I hope it will heal soon. But, you don't have to worry a lot. I'm okay!!

I'm really happy I took these pictures before I fell, haha. I'm also planning to go to the hairdresser, to cut my hair. I want a bob so bad! It's just so easy to maintain haha, and i'm so lazy. I think I will miss my pink hair, but I might dye my hair again. I'm also wearing a lot of awesome new stuff in this outfit picture. In this outfit i'm wearing on of my own favorite chokers, the moon choker with a thin cord. I think this one is super easy to style, you can also wear it in an everyday look. The shirt is from Kaomoji clothing, which is a really awesome starting company. They are also friends of mine! Really cool people, with awesome designs. The skirt, is a cute white suspender skirt from Ebay. I don't have the original link anymore. I'm also totally loving my new shoes I got from Aliexpress. They were in sale for 18 euro's, they even gave me a size bigger than my own. Which is really nice of them, they fit perfectly. The jacket is from Dresslink, it's well made and really soft! Can't wait to wear it in more outfit pictures. What do you think of this outfit?

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