7 January 2016

Shopping for home decoration is just too fun! I don't have my own house or appartment, yet. But when I do, I know what I want! I created a lot of home inspiration posts, which I love to do! I also really like to create my own home on Sims. I like to create houses, and the interior.

But when it comes to the "real"world, a lot of fancy things are so expensive. Home accessories, and things like tables or cabinets are so expensive in those fancy home shops. That's why I like to shop at H&M, and Ikea!

Here are my 10 current favorites in the H&M webshop.

The first one is this cute cactus candle holder. H&M, has this new green/gold/black-ish new collection with a lot of plant kinda things! | 14,99

This cute little metal plate, is perfect for your rings! I think you can place them in it, and show everyone your favorites off. | 7,99

I would love to own one of these! You can put a lot of awesome things in it, to show off. | 29,99

Plants are one of my favorite home decorations. It makes your home live, and it looks great too! I think those little transparent vases, makes your plant looks interesting. | 9,99

METAL, I LOVE METAL! I think this one is overpriced.. 20 euros for this little thing? It looks really awesome.. If I had some more money, I would totally buy some of these. I got a lot fashion magazines I can put in it. | 19,99

And another one. | 12,99

This one looks so fancy! I would love to have the other colors too, but they're sold out unfortunately. | 7,99

This is such an cute detail. You know how much I love gold details! I'm totally in love with the picture above! It's sooo pretty. | 14,99

I think this one is one of the biggest trends. Everyone got to have one! Jep.. pretty expensive. | 29,99

And, the last one! I'm totally getting this cute gold pineapple candle. I think i'm not even going to use the candle, because it's too cute to waste. | 5,99

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