20 November 2015

I wanted to do this review for a long time! I just always forget to put the pictures in the post. Finally, after all those months! I'm posting this review, I don't really use this bottle anymore but just read what I think about this really cute one.


I got this from Aliexpress. You can also find this one on Ebay, just type in search ''My bottle'' or something like that. It's really easy to find! 

They also have other colors right now, when I bought it (it was in March or something) there were only black ones. And: you don't have to pay for shipping!

€ 2,73




Fast shipping! I got it in 1/2 weeks.

It's so good! It doesn't really break, and the plastic is really strong. It doesn't really break easily

It's a cute bottle, and it's easy to use. The only problem that I had was that sometimes the bottle leaked, you have to twist the shell really hard. I enjoyed using this bottle, because you can put a lot of drink in the bottle. I think 500ml will fit in here. You can just throw the bottle in your bag, and you're ready to go.

I don't really use this bottle anymore, because it's so annoying that it leaks. And the top (there is this tiny black thing) on the bottle, can fall in the bottle when you want to clean or refill. And sometimes when you take the bottle out of the bag, there's some drink on the tiny black thing. When you drink, the drink will fall on your face.. So annoying! That's why I don't really use this bottle anymore, but it's worth the price!

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Aliexpress link
€ 2,73

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