17 May 2015

It's so weird to see that I actually have some things to show you, because every month i'm like: I don't have anything in mind that I can show to you because my life is pretty boring. I don't really go to places because I got school and need to keep ''my house'' clean. And in the weekends I always go to Michael. But when the month is over, there is just too much to show! It's so weird haha. Every day i'm like: what will happen today? Because I don't have any plans for myself except creating posts, doing school work and cleaning lol. I'm so surprised really, today i'm going to show you what I did in April and in my short holiday of 1 week.

April 6th.

Working on some blogposts and planning them. I didn't had internet connection at that moment so I had to entertain myself.

April 8th.

Look at this dirty table. I was trying to film my DIY here.


In case you missed it, here's the video.

April 10th.

The sun was shining bright and everyone wore skirts and shorts. There were a lot of people in the train. I also bought a magazine Elle, and I enjoyed my grapes. They were a bit sticky because of the sun and the water.

Selfies in the bus.


I have nothing to do so i'm just gonna...

Kinda bleached my hair.

April 12th.

Planning again.

April 14th.

Making some wonton soup after school. My mom made a lot of them, so I could just get it from my freezer. (Writing this post makes me really hungry)

Watching Game of Thrones, and eating my soup.

April 17th.

Just a random picture I took in the bus or train. I can't remember.

April 18th.

Today me and Michael were going to the birthday celebration of Fallencia! My former penpal and my brother's girlfriend. A trip to The Hague. :)

I took this picture when we arrived in Almere or Lelystad, I forgot.

We arrived at The Hague and I really love the architecture here, the ceiling was so pretty! Just look at it, I took a few pictures of it haha. They thought that I was a tourist, and that I've never been in Tha Hague before. Well I did, and it was a pretty long time ago. People know that if I see pretty things that I just want to photograph them haha. And: I have to put it on my blog right? Or I won't have anything to talk about, lol because my life is pretty boring haha.

So pretty!

After arriving and waiting for Fallencia's brothers and their girlfriends we walked to the restaurant called: ''Golden Leaf'''. Here's the link to the website. This was our first time being there for all of us. The host or the owner was really nice to us. We ordered in total 3 or 4 Dimsum menu's, but it wasn't much really. So that was a disappointment.

We were with 6 people, and we got 3 of these. We had to share this with each other, and we also got 4 other little snacks like Ba Pao. We all were still really hungry, so we got our menu's and ordered more food.

We ordered 4 other dishes, and first we all just take some foodporn pictures haha.

After the brunch we walked to the city for some bubble tea. I thought this looked really great! I had to take a picture, and Michael also liked this place haha. He said something like this: Yeah, I know you take a lot of pictures and stuff. I like this too, for real.

Furry/emo meeting? I guess.

This café/lounge thing where we ordered our bubble tea has this karaoke lounge.

On our way home, first class because the second class was filled with lots of people.

Home! Michael is cuddling Maya after a long day.

April 19th.

Touring with Michael haha.

Just a few moments before I had to go to home me and Michael went to an ice salon called La Dolce. I got 3 different flavours: Pistache, Lemon and Cookie. I really liked the Lemon icecream but they didn't gave me a lot of it. :(

Michael got this Sundae icecream.

I wanted to take a selfie but Michael already got away. :(

In the bus and showing my nails. My nails are still breaking off, and I don't know how or why! :(

I was really hungry so I bought a cheese burger when I arrived at Zwolle.

April 20th.

It was my classmate's birthday, he brought some cake. :)
Happy birthday Pim!

Chillings with my classmate Sanneke in the sun. The weather was really great.

Bought some plants for my aunt's birthday and I also bought some for myself.

Dessert after dinner. Thanks auntie.

April 21th.

Checking some books out with Sanneke about food! Because we love food.

Lunch with Sanneke.

Not ready for summer.

Getting ready to film.

Taking some selfies for the thumbnail haha. I really look dark on these pictures because of the sun. (?)

Eating some cake that Fallencia's mom made. :) Yummm.

April 22th.

I forgot this stupid binder for my English classes, and came too late. So I couldn't get in anymore, I had to wait for 2 hours or something. I just could go ahead and get some more sleep.

April 24th.

On my way to Michael.

April 24th.

Dinner. I thought this looked so awesome haha, it was filled with chicken, sauce and some vegetables.

Maya is looking out of the window.


April 25th.

Dinner again, and look at this pizza. The topping flew away :(

April 27th.

Random picture of the sky.

April 30th.


May 1.

Just arrived with my business crew ''Jarry's''. Jarry's is your company name, we're going to sell tea and chocolate in a jar. We will also put tutorials and stuff on YouTube, but it's not a real company. It's still for school, so we can learn about the business world how everything goes and what the rules are. The problems you get and stuff, but if we get some profit from it. It's for us! But we also have to pay our shareholders back. Today 2 people from our group is going to present our product to 3 judges. There are also other groups with their own product, it was really exciting!

Taking some instagram snaps.

This is the place where we had to present!

Our presentation.

I really liked this place.

And... you know what? We actually won! We won this certificate and 200 euros to start with our company. I was so happy, I just couldn't believe it haha.

After our presentation we just took some selfies and went to the city. Look at this amazing chocolate shop.

So cute!

After some window shopping we went to the Subway for dinner.

Back to the train station. (Leeuwarden)

The crew haha.

I really love this train station.

May 1th.

Making pizza with Michael. When we made the base of the pizza, we putted it on the dinner table and moments after that Maya walked on it and ate a bit of it. It was so funny, but I don't know if she liked it or not haha. We could easily fix it so it wasn't a real problem.

The pizza!

Nom nom. The crusts was not done. :c

The day before or after I made my own wraps with chicken, oyster sauce, pak soi, onions and chinese cabbage. 

May 4th.

Today I wanted to go with Hatice to the ''Bevrijdings festival'' in Zwolle, the translation is Liberation festival I guess. This day we were set free, and that's why we celebrate freedom!

Waiting for the bus. 

In the bus.

First meal of the day. Chili chicken burgers.

When me and Hatice took some pictures here, a random photographer came up to us and asked us if we wanted to pose for some pictures haha.

Sneaky selfie. I'm like: Uh what are you doing haha.

Awkward pictures lmao.

Look how fabulous we are. Honestly, some pictures were really bad. I thought that I could do it better.. but I don't have a fancy DSLR camera yet.

Damn do you see all the people over there? D:

Floor map of the festival.

Random pictures.

Dutch One direction preforming called: ''Mainstreet''.

The Dutch band ''Bade'' was setting up, and before this preformance it rained SO HARD. Like what the fuck??! There was so much rain and stuff, me and Hatice hide on a bench with one umbrella and this blanket I brought with me. It didn't really help. I also filmed it a little, but I don't know if I will put it online haha.

Photographers took their chances. They were pretty good! I never really heard of them, they preformed really well! The energy they had, and how the mainvocal guy sang! GREAT.

Random picture.

''Iemands land''. In this place kids made some cool things about what they think freedom is.

Freedom is... KFC and Burgerking lol.

Later today.. It rained again, but harder than ever and we couldn't find a shelter. :( The rain really got us, and there was this place in the beginning where we could stay away from the rain. BUT. There were just tooo many people. It wasn't right anymore and not fun. The umbrella didn't really work so we were so wet in the end of the midday. We wanted to go home so badly. But after that the rain got away and the sun shined again. There were way more people at the festival when we went back.



After we ate dinner at the Mac Donalds we went back to take a look.

Typhoon preforming.

It was really fun! But the music really sucked. And in the beginning of the day the security said that I couldn't take my bottle to the festival. I was like why? But rules are the rules, when I came back they didn't had my bottle. Pfff.. security my ass, like really?

And they didn't had any shelters for the people, but they knew that rain and storm was coming. I was so mad. Everything was wet, my pants, my blanket, hair and even my shoes! Can't you believe it? In the end of the day, my shoes were really disgusting. So nasty, it was brown and all because of the rain.. But I had fun with my friends! If you follow me on instagram, you should've know haha. @ruijunluong

May 11th.

Making some sandwiches for lunch.

Making Börek with Hatice.

May 12th.

Look at this choker that I created! I think it's so cute. <3

May 13th.

After school, I went to Michael's. In Zwolle I bought a Chicken burger for pre-dinner?

Michael made this for dinner! It's so cute.
Chicken seasoned in soysauce and garlic, with fried rice and some salad. It was really yummy. <3

By the way, you remember that I bought some things from Aliexpress? It's been almost 3 months and i'm still waiting for some items.. I haven't received refund yet or anything. Some sellers are bitchy as fuck. D:

May 15th.

Hatice visited me and Michael this weekend! And we played some Sims4, build an awesome house. We're also planning to live together. (in real life) We found really awesome appartments and houses in our budget. 


Hatice, trying to create me in Sims.

Me trying to make Hatice in Sims haha.

Hatice's point of view.

Fixing the garden.

''Bruh''. Selfie with nettles.

Doing my shoe laces. :(

It was really fun this weekend! I wonder what we'll do next month, I will keep you updated. :) 

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