14 May 2015

Chokers are everywhere lately! I even saw people working in the supermarkets wear them, but I see them mostly on the Internet. Check the social networks like Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, or maybe even Facebook. The 90's are getting so back, there are so many posts about it. The old lightning sneakers are also trending right now, even boys are wearing them!

A few years back, when I was starting this blog I saw some kids wearing these lightning shoes. I also wanted them, but they were nowhere to find! I'm happy that they're back but I think it will be mainstream just like the chokers haha. This is one of the few chokers I bought, but it's the first choker I bought from Aliexpress. It looked pretty cute on the pictures and I always wanted one with a ying-yang pendant, I found some pendants but they were expensive.


Pendant Size: 2-4cm
Material: Zinc Alloy
Chain Type: Rope Chain
Length: 30cm+7cm
Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
Model Number: RB1006-14SJ005
Brand Name: rinhoo

€ 0,65 // € 1,21



It was a little package with bubble wrap in the inside.

The pendant and the necklace itself is loose. I had to put the pendant on the necklace.

Bronze details. I honestly don't really like bronze, but you won't see it anyway if you wear it.

The material is soft, I think it's suede.

The pendant is from a good quality, it's strong and well made. Just look at the paint.


The suede necklace is soft on the skin, it doesn't really bothers me. And chokers are always really thight, but it depends on how you wear it ofcourse.

I got this choker necklace in 3 weeks I think. I ordered this necklace on February 28th and I got it on the 18th.

Great quality. I wore it a few times, on some outfit pictures and sometimes when I travel. I also wore it on school. The pendant is from a good quality, you can really feel it on your hands. It isn't a thin pendant. 

I would recommend this cute necklace. I had no problems with the shipping, and I also 

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€ 0,65 // € 1,21

I got this necklace for € 0,65.

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